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After Sale Policy

2016-11-19 13:40

1. General Conditions

The product you return should meet the following conditions depending on the reasons:


Our C.S. team will check on the state of the product and ensure that the return claim is valid and when approved, the after sales team will give you solution to the problem.

If the problem fits the conditions specified above, the product can be fixed, exchanged or refunded. However if the request is denied, the after sale team will inform you of the reason.

2. Exchange

Exchanges conditions are different depending on whether the product has a warranty or not. The warranty information will be displayed on product page and specifications, kindly check it before you place your order.

If your products has warranty, the warranty should be valid, the product should be accompanied with the purchase receipt and can be exchanged throughout the stated warranty period. Normally, the warranty only covers software function but not faults that generate from the customers end.

If your products don't have warranty, we are only accept exchanges based on valid reasons stated in general conditions. For phones, computers and consumer electronics, they should be serviced at the respective brand service centre. The first option will be fixing the affected part before opting for an exchange of the product for another one.

Global Shopping products don't have warranty.

If your exchange request has been accepted, the exchange can only be done for a similar product and should be based on the consumer protection laws.

Please be noted that some kinds of products that cannot be exchanged unless returned by the rider immediately:

a.  All undergarments, lingerie, shape wear and toiletries

b. Hair & beauty products

c. Cosmetics and perfumes

d. Any other items that had a protective wrapping which you have removed.

You are encouraged to check and confirm the product's size, colour, gifts, number of items etc upon collection or on delivery, and then sign the delivery note only if it is the correct order.

Please be noted that: Exchanges do not apply in global shipping orders due to the product not being locally available. We advice you to be careful when ordering and read the product content and instructions carefully.

3. Repair & Replacement

Servicing and repair with regards to the products offered on Kilimall website mostly applies to phones, tablets and electronics as well as other items where applicable. We offers repairs and replacements to products bought from the website and also for those bought elsewhere can be repaired by us at a fee. The period for servicing is based on the warranty and it may be free or charged depending on the situation.

Please note that for most servicing and repair centres, they operate between Monday and Friday from 9am to 6pm. To get more information with the relevant after sale centre, call our customer care team.

Repairs & replacements will be charged based on the services offered. If the repair is based on warranty conditions, the services can be offered at no charge. However, if the repair is based on you wanting the product to be serviced or the product becomes faulty while in your care, then the service will be charged based on the technical team’s advice.

If you want repairs for products not bought from Kilimall, the charge will be a bit higher as compared to that charged to products bought from us. It’s important to note that different service centres have different rates.

Since repairs are done in different location depending on where the seller has authorized the after sale services, the timelines for repairs are different & the time will be specified by them. Usually repairs will take 7-14 days.However is a spare part has to be imported, the repair period may taken longer up to 30 days.

For all orders, you are advised to open the packages in the presence of the delivery person for them to bear witness of any discrepancies and go back with the package. Some cases of packages having issues after they are opened from home have proven to be hard to validate. If this happens, take a photo within 6 hours of receiving the package and send to us via our customer care email. 

Global Shopping orders do not accept replacement.

4. Return & Refund

Return can only be accepted under the general conditions listed above.

If your return request have been approved, the refund is done within the 15 working days after the products have already returned to Kilimall. 

We are currently only provide mobile money transfer service for refunding. This means mobile money transfer service offered by a network operator like M-pesa from Safaricom. All mobile refunds are made less the value of the delivery except if the error was from our side. The money will be received from Kilimall International.

Return and refunds in global shipping products will only be applied under general conditions.

5. Applying for Repair, Exchange, Return & Refund

Get in touch with us through live chat or mail to cc@kilimall.com and give us enough information on the request you want to place or have placed. We will listen and inform you if the request can be accepted or if its denied.

If your request is approved, we will inform you of the way forward. We will tell you where you will receive the repair services and the time frame depending on the  service provider.

For exchange and refunds, we will tell you where to deliver the products, when you will receive the exchange item or refund and charges involved as well as deductions (if any) for refunds. 

Keep in mind that all accepted returns should be brought to us within 7 days of receiving the item.You can raise your refunds concern via email to refund.kenya@kilimall.com

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