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Payment and Vouchers

2016-11-19 13:58

1. What payment options do i have on Kilimall?

Kilimall supports two type of payment that depends on the order you make:

i.  Pay on Delivery

This means you pay after you have received your package. You can pay in cash or via mobile money services.

This option is supported by FBK orders that are to be delivered within Nairobi only, door step delivery.

ii. Online payment

This means making payment in advance (before receiving the package) and then submitting transaction codes online

This option is supported by global shipping orders, drop shipping orders and FBK orders that are delivered by G4S , Posta and Wellsfargo and all orders delivered to Kilimall pick up stations.

You should make online payments within 24 hours, otherwise the order is automatically cancelled and the product stock released and can be ordered by another person.


2. How do I pay for an order?

i.           Pay on delivery- you should check the amount on the receipt and pay the exact amount written and nothing extra.


You can pay via  mobile money services and give the rider the transaction no. which he will record or pay with cash.

Please note that if pay on delivery does not click, it means that the product you want does not support pay on delivery

ii.          Online Payment- After submitting an order, you should click on ‘online payment’ and proceed to pay via mobile money services . The details are provided on the website.

After this, submit the transaction code to confirm the payment.

Payment can also be made through Safaricom Bonga points by following the procedure below:

  • Dial *126#
  • Select lipa na bonga points
  • Select paybill
  • Enter business number (999888)
  • Enter the provided account number
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter your pin and send
  • You will receive the confirmation from safaricom and enter the reference number in the box provided and click pay.

For online payment, call customer care and confirm the payment

3. Kilimall Voucher

3.1 What is Kilimall voucher?

Kilimall voucher is a cash discount given that will be deducted on total order price or delivery fee.

3.2 What types of vouchers are there?

Kilimall has the following vouchers that you can use:

General cash vouchers- these can be redeemed on any item bought on the website

Delivery voucher - this reduce the delivery fee of the order

Specific shop vouchers- These are given by a seller to attract more buyers and give them better services

Purchased vouchers- these are vouchers that you purchase either for you own use for to give it as a gift to another person. They can buy anything on the website from any shop.

3.3 How do I know I  have vouchers?

Step 1: Log in

Step 2: Click on ‘accounts’ which is located next to ‘cart’ on the top right corner of Kilimall homepage. 

Step 3: Click on ‘vouchers’ on the pop- up menu that appears which will lead you to ‘my vouchers’ Page.       

A list of all vouchers you have ever acquired will appear


3.4 How do I redeem a voucher or use it?

When you make an order, the voucher will automatically deduct either the value of the order or the delivery fee with the value of the voucher

In case you have than one voucher, you can only use one voucher per an item ordered and cannot use both of them at once to purchase one item.

Vouchers can only be redeemed in one sellers shop and not from multiple sellers shop except for the general and purchased vouchers.

In case you buy from many shops, only one of the products will reflect the vouchers and not the whole order. The voucher will deduct the value of the product and in case the product is of a low value, the remaining  amount of the voucher cannot be redeemed.

However, you can buy items of more value than the voucher and pay the extra amount above the voucher value

In cases where vouchers are offered by a specific seller, it can only be redeemed in the sellers shop and cannot be used to purchase an item in another sellers shop.

Please note that once you use your voucher and cancel your order, the voucher will be automatically lost and cannot be claimed except for purchased voucher. Vouchers cancelled by our systems can be sent back to your account

3.5 Cash discounts

What are cash discounts and how will i redeem them?

Cash discounts are of two types: 

-          Offered by Kilimall

-          Offered by Seller

For cash discount offered by Kilimall e.g. buy items above KSh. 3000 and get KSh. 300 discount, they will apply to all items that you will buy on the website. These kinds of discounts are usually advertise on the promotion page.

For cash discounts that are offered by seller, the discounts are either advertised on their homepage banner or their shop page.

These discounts will only apply for items that you buy from the seller's shop and not any other online shop.

You should buy products from the specific seller to redeem the cash discount.

All cash discounts will automatically deduct from the total value of the order when the order is submitted.

What if the discount does not reflect?

In case the order does not reflect the discount, it means that you have selected an item from another online shop and not from the shop whose seller is offering the discount.

When this happens call us and be guided on what to do.


Kilibobs are points given when a customer shops on Kilimall 

How to redeem Kilibobs?

To redeem your Kilibobs, you should:

Step 1: Download Kilimall mobile app from play store.

Step 2: After you open the app, just below the main banners, there is Kilibobs icon, click on this and you will be directed to Kilibobs page.

Step 3: You can choose to redeem your Kilibobs for a cash voucher or a delivery voucher which both must be used on Kilimall. 

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