EXCLUSIVE: It’s an Infinix Bonanza with These 3 New Phones

Infinix Mobile’s new flagship phones, Infinix Note 4 Pro, Infinix Hot 5 and Infinix Hot 5 Lite, are being launched next week, Exclusive on Kilimall! Why is that a big deal? Because, one, there will be a big deal (see what I did there?)… and secondly, because we have all come to respect Infinix as some of the most innovative, and affordable phones we know. And that these three newbies will be exclusive on Kilimall makes this a bigger, sweeter deal. Let’s look at the specifications: Infinix Note 4 Pro X571 If you know about the Infinix Note 3 and […]

How to Shop Online on Kilimall

How to Shop Online on Kilimall

1. Visit Kilimall.co.ke 2. Select the product you want to buy by either searching, or directly visiting the category. Here is what you need to check: The Delivery Method: All products are sub-classified into three shipping methods, which represent their location and delivery period: FBK (Fulfilled by Kilimall) – These are products already in Kilimall Warehouse thus take lesser time to be delivered to you (0-3 Days). That means, you get your product on the same day when you complete payment before 11:00 am within Nairobi and the following day outside Nairobi. If you complete payment after 11:00 am within […]


EXCLUSIVE – TECNO Spark is Coming Soon… And here’s why it’s a big deal!

Open your calendar, go to this date – August 21st- and write this in the event description [Tecno Spark]. Just do it, we will wait. 🙂 Done that? Now, listen to this – Tecno will be launching an awesome phone on the 21st of August 2017. The phone will be exclusive to Kilimall, at a “you-gotta-take-it” price. The name of the phone is Tecno Spark! What’s in the name? You know Tecno, right? The phone that has been with us so long we have seen it change to literally win over the world with cutting edge smartphone technology. What we […]

INNJOO Max Pro 4 Kilimall Kenya

INNJOO Max 4 Pro is in Kenya – Hold the World in your Hands

Let’s talk about a phone…. THE INNJOO Max 4 Pro What do you look for in a phone? I will tell you what I look for: Good camera (because I want to capture the right moments right), speed (because nothing frustrates me more than a hanging phone), battery (because I can’t have to carry a power bank around, those things are burdens), and of course, storage (have you ever taken a video and you have nowhere to save it? Or have to choose what to delete to get space for a new download). That’s what I look for, and I […]

3 OPPO Phones you should get on Kilimall

OPPO is now on Kilimall! Yes, the fast rising smartphone manufacturer now has a shop on Kilimall and are offering their best phones at the most affordable market prices. Buy from the OPPO Shop on Kilimall and enjoy SAME DAY DELIVERY. Here are three OPPO phones you should consider picking on Kilimall today. OPPO F3 – The Selfie Expert You must have seen the OPPO F3 in the media, or heard people talking about it. It is known as the Selfie Phone for a reason, so impeccable is its selfie camera. The front camera is a whooping 16 MP dual […]

22 Quick e-Commerce and Business Tips from Jack Ma’s Kenya Public Lecture.

Here are some quick lessons from Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma, from his public lecture at the University of Nairobi, Kenya (an event that Kilimall proudly sponsored, but do we say?): ECommerce makes doing business easier. Support every small business, young person and woman achieve their dreams of selling all over the world.  Being successful is not just about education and what you know, but the opportunities you grab. Know people, what they want and what they don’t want. Don’t strive to be number 1. Strive to be the best in helping people become better. Not money, but the respect of […]

Jack Ma Kilimall Kenya

Welcome to Kenya, Jack Ma

This week, Kenya has a special visitor – the world renowned Jack Ma, Founder of the Alibaba E-Commerce group. And because Jack Ma is part of the Kilimall story, we are happy to be one of the organizing sponsors for his visit. It is Jack Ma’s remarkable entrepreneurial success with the Alibaba Group that made China so receptive to e-commerce and grow in bounds. This in turn inspired Kilimall Founder, Yang Tao to come to Kenya and replicate the success of e-Commerce in Africa. Yet Kilimall is not the only e-Commerce company that Jack Ma has inspired… and being the […]

How to become a Kilimall seller

How to become a seller on Kilimall

Do you want to grow your business? Are you wondering if you can slot in to one of the largest eCommerce platforms in Africa and access millions of customers? How do you become a seller of Kilimall? This article has everything you need to know. Let’s start with a fact: Over 60% of the products on Kilimall are owned by Kenyan sellers. We have over 1,000 Kenyan sellers – individuals, SMEs and large retailers selling on Kilimall. Just a few reasons why you should sell on Kilimall: Unlimited market exposure. Free marketing. Stress-free business. Lowest commission rates. There are two […]

4 Random Essentials you Should GetThis Week

Our customers normally leave reviews after they shop on Kilimall. You know you can trust other buyers, so, here are 4 random essentials that you should definitely be looking for this week on Kilimall based on reviews. Oh well, not actually looking for, because shoppers who have already used them have selected them for you. 🙂   Feel fresh and clean Since my doctor told me that simply cleaning my face the normal way doesn’t really remove all the dirt and oil, neither does it remove the blackheads and dead skin, I try to go for a facia massage every […]

Yet another way to earn money with Kilimall.

You know Kilimall recently launched Cash Rewards, right? That’s a new, one of a kind loyalty program tied to the Kilimall App where you get to earn cash. And do you know the Kilimall Affiliate Program? You surely do — people make ridiculous amounts of money through Kilimall every month. Join the Kilimall Affiliate Program now if you haven’t, activate yourself if you have been inactive. Now, a few of our affiliates contacted us asking if they can be part of the affiliate program too, or if there’s a way to take part. We’re glad to announce that yes, we found a […]

#KilimallTripleTreat: The Kilimall 3rd Anniversary Sale is now on!

The much awaited Kilimall Anniversary Sale is now on and will run between 29th June and 7th July. Much awaited because, well, it is a huge deal! Check this out: Anniversary Deals Deals and Discounts! You know when we say we are the most affordable online mall around, we mean it. Enjoy the best deals on most products during this campaign with discounts of up to 50%! Are you fast enough? Grab ridiculous deals in the limited flash sales that are up every few hours. Here we are talking up to 90% Discount! The catch? They are time and stock-limited […]

Get Ready for the Kilimall 3rd Anniversary Party

Three years ago, a young man noticed two things in the country: One, more and more Kenyans were embracing technology and two, most products that Kenyans needed were prohibitively expensive. So, he started seeking for ways to use technology to enable Kenyans afford the lifestyle they deserves. And that’s how Kilimall was born in June 2014, by Yang Tao. In these three years, the growth has been tremendous, powered by masses of customers who buy from Kilimall again and again, then tell their friends and families to also buy again and again. What started in the mind of one person, […]

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day — the most under-celebrated day in the calendar is here! Btw, I have never understand why us dads don’t get celebrated as much as the mums on Mothers Days. Is it because people believe men don’t appreciate gifts as much as women — which we do, a lot?! I have bought my father gifts, even the simplest of gifts, and you can literally hear him purr. There is a joy fathers feel when you get them something, the “I raised this child and now he/she is taking care of me” feeling. Let’s appreciate our fathers this Fathers Day! You don’t have to […]

5 TV Brands you Should Consider

You would think that shopping for a TV would be simple; especially now that plasma TVs are gone and almost all new TVs are LED LCD sets. But it still involves many choices, some of which may be new to you. One of the decisions to make has to be the brand. Let’s break down the best brands based on popularity on Kilimall. 1.Samsung Tv Every time Samsung releases a new product, it leaves you in awe of the latest technology. One of the latest technologies Samsung has perfected is Smart Tv. That’s when Samsung meets Android and the result […]

The New Kilimall App is Truly Yours – here is why!

The all new version of the Kilimall App is now out! This time, the App is totally focused on you, our customer. After all, everything we do this year and henceforth, is entirely focused on you! In creating this new version, we’ve made sure that it’s easy enough for you; and adds a ton of value to your online shopping experience. This is what you will find in the new Kilimall App v2.1, in addition to what you are used to: Lifestyle What do you do before shopping for anything? Chances are, you ask a friend, or you see someone […]

3 Simple ways to Make this the Best Mothers’ Day

One of the most important days in the calendar is here – Mothers’ Day. The Day that should, actually, come every day! Why? Because a mother is the best person to anyone – an epitome of true, unconditional, unfiltered love and care. So, why not make this the best Mothers’ Day ever! Here are some simple ideas. 1. Tell Her How Much You Care The number 1 gift you can give your mother is telling her how much she means to you. Baas! Not even a car gift can replace that feeling. It doesn’t need to be poetic or complicated. […]

Martin: Happy (Again) Kilimall Customer

Martin Nduati has been a Kilimall customer for some time now. He has made over 10 orders for different products on Kilimall, including phones, phone accessories and fashion items for himself and friends. Why has he always shopped on Kilimall? “I love Kilimall because the products are very unique, specifically the products I buy through Global Shopping, and Kilimall offers a return policy where I can return products if they are faulty and don’t meet my expectations which I wasn’t able to find elsewhere.” Martin also enjoys the customer experience that he gets in terms of delivery. He says he […]

Another Week of Deals! Kilimall Mobile Week Extended!

Good News! The Kilimall Mobile Week has been extended by a whole week! And it is even bigger… Apart from improved deals on smartphones and accessories, Home Appliances (televisions, Sound Systems, etc), Kitchen stuff, laundry equipment, etc… are now in the mix, also with massive discounts. And all inclusive Flash Sales daily! You have to be SMART this time. No excuses. 🙂 You can’t get better deals again this year. So, check out KILIMALL MOBILE WEEK, EXTENDED now!

How to Save Money During the Mobile Week

It is that time of the year again when it rains phone – the Kilimall Mobile Week! And since we want you to upgrade to a smarter lifestyle – without breaking the bank – here are some superb opportunities to save money while getting the best deal. 1. Jaw-Dropping Phone Prices We’re speaking over 50% OFF! You have no excuse not to upgrade to a smarter lifestyle this time! Not with crazy discounts on smartphones, feature phones, and accessories going upwards of 90% OFF! If you have been looking to score a decent phone, then this Moble Week is YOUR week! […]

Kilimall Mobile Week is Here! The Most Affordable Phone Deals Ever!

Every year, the online world celebrates a special week – The Mobile Week. That’s when you get a chance to get the phone of your dreams at a fraction of the price. That’s a whole week of huge and jaw-dropping discounts on different phones on Kilimall. The Mobile Week is dedicated to smartphone sales, and it focuses on offering buyers excellent deals on smartphones and related accessories. And this year, Mobile Week is going down on Kilimall between 24th and 30th April 2017! Yes, we want you to upgrade to a smarter lifestyle this year, without fail. It is time […]