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Buy Feature Phones Online at Kilimall

A feature phone is one that gives you all basic functions of a phone including the internet but does not necessarily have features of a smartphone. Most of us have used these phones at one point in our lives especially as beginners. Feature phones are the gadgets that introduced most people to the cell phone world. It is a proven fact that smartphones have outdone feature phones but even with the several years that smartphones have been on board, feature phones have not been completely wiped out. Most people still have feature phones as their second phones or for home usage. It is almost impossible to do away with feature phones. Kilimall has a wide variety of feature phones for you to choose from, let me take you through some of the brands with feature phones at Kilimall Kenya.


Nokia is the king when it comes to feature phones in Kenya; it has been in the country long before everyone could afford a phone. Nokia feature phones are built with strong and high-quality material that keep them from breaking into pieces after a fall. It is also a brand that has so many models to offer in that you will never lack something to take home with Nokia. The prices range from as low as Ksh 2, 000 depending on the features that you want. Even the simplest Nokia phone seems to offer internet which can allow for basic activities that require the internet such as conducting a Google search.


Tecno feature phones made a landing before Tecno smartphones, just like Tecno offer the best with smartphones. The case is not different with feature phones. Tecno feature phones have great features such as dual sim capability, internet services, palmchat and so much more. You will rarely get feature phones that can offer all that on the same platform. Some come with a camera that makes it possible for the user to record the best moments. Kilimall has a wide variety of Tecno feature phones for you to choose from with as low as Ksh 1,000.


X-tigi is a name that is common to most people in Kenya; this is a brand that is well known in giving some of the best feature phones in Kenya. There are a lot of models that you can choose from. A model such as the S23 has a 10,000mAh battery capacity which can also be used as a power bank to boost your smartphone. X-tigi is a feature phone that solves most of the energy problems faced by most Kenyans by having phones that have great batteries.


Just like the name suggests, Blu is a feature phone that comes with an outstanding design as well as amazing colors. It gives the user the basics of what anyone would want in a phone. It is a dual sim, it can thus support more than one service provider. It can also play music in form of mp3 which is a format that is playable by most of the gadgets. More to that, one can listen to the radio with the phone. Kilimall offers it at less than Ksh 2, 000 which is pocket-friendly.


Samsung is a feature phone that we cannot fail to talk about; it has been in Kenya for the longest time. Samsung feature phones are durable and this is the reason as to why you will still find some that were bought four years ago. Some of the phones are internet enabled something that makes it possible for the user to get connected to the global world using a simple feature phone. It also comes with other amazing features such as the FM radio, Mp3 player and a simple camera. You can get one at Kilimall at an affordable price.


Wiko is one of the brands that has not been faced out by time, it is a feature phone that has made most sales this year than any other feature phone. One alluring feature with Wiko is that most of the models support the use of two sim cards. A dual sim phone is the most preferred gadget at this age as it can allow one to enjoy services from two service providers without having to change your sim card every time you want to access services from any of the service providers.


Feature phones may not be in fashion at the moment but they are still the phones that we turn to when our smartphones experience issues. This is one of the reasons as to why feature phones may never be faced out. There is still a large population in Kenya who have remained faithful to feature phones. Kilimall is home to all the best feature phones which are sold at pocket-friendly prices.

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