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Smartphones HTC Online at Kilimall Kenya

HTC is a smartphone that has a say in the smartphone industry in Kenya. Talk of the phones that don’t require any effort to stay on top of their game and HTC will be on that list. It is a phone that has been dominating the smartphone market for quite some time and occupies a position which only attracts competition from the likes of Tecno, Infinix, and Huawei. These are some of the top phones in the industry which give you not only a package of quality but also class. HTC is a phone that gives you confidence because everything from its design to its software is simply awesome. Most people in Kenya will part with a good amount of money to settle for a phone that will give them quality for every shilling that they spend. HTC runs on some of the most recent advancements in terms of smartphone technology, and the specs are mind blowing. Let us take a look at some of the HTC models that are at Kilimall Kenya and what they have to offer to the customers.

HTC 10

HTC 10 is one of the flagship phones that have been released in 2016. True to what HTC has been doing in the recent past, this phone comes with so much to offer in terms of the specs that it comes with. A glance at HTC 10 gives you a view of an awesome display that you can’t just ignore. HTC 10 comes with a 5.2-inch display which is large but can be comfortably held with a single hand. The display has a pixel resolution of 1440 X 2560 and a pixel density of 565 ppi. This is one of the best displays as you get images that are crystal clear and video watching with this phone is an amazing experience that you can’t get with most of the high-end phones. The screen is covered by a Corning Gorilla 4 which gives it maximum protection from scratches and damages that may give the screen an old look. HTC 10 runs on the latest OS which is the 6.0 Android version. This is one of the things that give this phone a cool outlook that would make anyone want to have it. It runs on the 4GB RAM and is powered by a 2.15 GHz processor which gives this phone unimaginable rates of multi-tasking as well as efficiency when operating the apps. HTC 10 is a phone that gives you speed and efficiency at the same time.

HTC Desire 728

HTC Desire 728 is a mid-range phone that comes in the long list of the HTC Desire line. This is among one of the affordable phones that you can get as we well know that HTC is one of the expensive brands in Kenya. HTC Desire 728 works well for people who are seeking to get a gadget that comes with class and quality in the same package. These are some of the things that you get with this phone, it can connect to 4G, not many devices are in a position to connect to 4G especially those in the mid-range class. HTC Desire 728 gives you up to 150Mbps which is not something that you would get with 3G. You can stream live videos with this phone as well as carry out video calls with so much ease. The 5.5-inch display is one of the outstanding features of this phone. It is large enough to allow you watch videos, and this is made better by the screen resolution (720 x 1280) which gives out images that are crystal clear. The performance crowns HTC Desire 728 as one of the best phones in 2016 as it comes with a 1.3GHz Octa-Core processor, a 2GB RAM, and a 5.1.1 Android OS which gives you access to some of the best apps from Google App store. HTC Desire 728 can be bought at Kilimall Kenya at a more discounted price than what you get from other shops in the country.

HTC One A9

HTC One A9 is a phone that gives you an alternative to an iPhone. It comes in handy for people who prefer Android to iOS but still want the same quality that an iPhone comes with. HTC One A9 is quite costly but each shilling you spend on it gives you quality and elegance in a phone. Having in mind that it runs on the 6.0 Android OS which is the most recent operating system from Android, then you are sure that you are using a quality phone. HTC One A9 gives you a 1.5GHz Quad Core processor and a 1.2GHz Quad Core processor which both work to give you one of the best performances with this phone. With the RAM you get the option of choosing a 2GB RAM or a 3GB RAM of course with both you get a phone that can be able to multitask comfortably without any hustles. The 13MP camera comes in handy as you get a phone that is in a position to give you some of the best images than most of the phones. The camera has an image stabilizer that gives you images that are not blurry thus you don’t have to worry about your hands shaking while you are taking an image. HTC One A9 comes with a 4MP front camera which facilitates video calls so well as well as giving you good selfies. Htc One A9 is one of the best smartphones in the country, and Kilimall makes the story better by giving you this phone at an affordable price than any other shop in Kenya.

HTC One E9+

HTC One E9+ was announced in 2015 and is still making headlines in the Kenyan market in the middle of 2016. It is a phone that comes with the gloss that makes you feel like you are rolling with a classic phone. One of the things that have made this phone survive the market and still be number one is the performance. A smartphone is all about the performance. There is no point of having a nice phone which is always lagging as you work with it. HTC One E9+ comes with a 2GHz Octa-Core processor, a 3GB RAMS and runs on the 5.0 Android OS. This is a phone that is capable of giving you high speeds especially when you are working with the apps on this phone. Lagging is not a vocabulary in the HTC One E9+. That is why it has retained a large customer base over the past year. The internet also comes with speed as HTC One E9+ comes with 4G connectivity which makes downloading apps faster and easier. Phones that can give you such high speeds require that they have a large battery capacity to be able to power the phone and support the performance. HTC One E9+ comes with a 2800mAh battery capacity which is a good one and can be able to power this phone during the day allowing you to carry your work with so much ease. With most of the shops retailing this phone for over Ksh 40, 000, you can buy one at Kilimall Kenya at a price which is lower than Ksh 40, 0000.

HTC Desire 820s

HTC Desire 820s is a phone that has a premium look and a great design. For people who love phones with a large screen for the purpose of viewing videos. HTC Desire 820s comes with a 5.5-inch screen display which has a high resolution which makes viewing images and videos with this phone an excellent experience. A look at the design gives you a phone that has a classy design and a nice feel on the hands. HTC Desire 820s gives you 4G connectivity something that most Kenyans prefer than having a phone with 3G. The performance of HTC Desire 820s is quite good as it comes with a 1.7GHz Octa-Core processor, a 2GB RAM and runs on the 4.4.4 KitKat Android OS. This is an excellent performance that guarantees efficiency and speed. Something else that makes the HTC Desire 820s a phone worth considering is the camera; it comes with a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. I am confident that this is one of the things that will boost the market performance of this phone as photo fanatics prefer a phone that has a quality performance.

HTC One M8s

What catches the eye every time you get the opportunity of going through the HTC one M8s is its performance. With a 1.7GHz Quad Core processor and a 1GHz Quad core processor, you get a phone that is fast when it comes to command response. A 2GB RAM and the 5.0 Android OS ensures that this phone gives you great speeds when you are working with your apps, and it is possible to run more than one app at the same time, and you will not experience any form of the freezing with your phone. Most people will settle for phones with large internal storage and with HTC One M8s; you get a 16GB internal storage which can be expanded to up to 128GB using a memory card. The memory will come in handy because this phone has a good camera (13MP rear & 5MP front facing) which may prompt you to take many images that will need an ample space for the purposes of saving. HTC One M8s has a 2840mAh battery capacity which is large enough to facilitate all the activities that you may want to carry out with this phone. If the battery is on a full charge, you can subject your phone to intensive usage and by evening the phone might still be having some charge to make a few calls.


Kenya is an interesting market that most of the mobile phone players in the world have not been able to understand. This is the reason as to why some of the brands that came to Kenya never managed to make as many sales as they would have wanted to. HTC understands the Kenyan market too well as the key is winning the confidence of the people. Any phone that has won the confidence of the people is able to make sales as stay in the market for a very long time. Kilimall Kenya understands this well and has committed itself to giving the people phones that they have confidence in at affordable prices. In essence, what Kilimall is doing is bringing the smartphone experience closer home making it possible for more people to be in a position to buy smartphones. You are not only able to buy a phone with Kilimall, but you also save a few shillings. The better part of this story is that you get your phone delivered right where you are.

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