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Wiko is one of the many smartphone brands that are in Kenya at the moment. It has done an incredible job over the last year making numerous sales, and Kilimall has been in the forefront in ensuring that this phone gets to as many people as possible at the most affordable price than what other shops are offering. A look at the various Wiko phones may give you a better understanding as to why this phone has been widely accepted in Kenya.

Wiko Highway

Wiko Highway was made available to the people in 2014, and so far it has made a landmark in the Kenyan mobile phone ecosystem. Wiko Highway comes with a 5.0-inch screen with a pixel resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels and a pixel density of 441 ppi. The display employs the Corning Gorilla 2 technology to enhance the screen protection. The performance of Wiko Highway is facilitated by a 2GB RAM, 2.0GHz Octa Core processor, and 4.4.2 (Kitkat) Android version. The camera is one of the things that make this phone a hot cake in Kenya as it comes with a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. The camera produces some better images than most phones in its price range. With the memory, you can either choose between the models that come with 16GB internal storage or 32GB internal storage. It does not come with a card slot, but the memory capacity is large enough to store most of your documents.

Wiko Lenny

Wiko Lenny was announced in August 2014 and made an entrance in Kenya around the same time. It has a display of 5.0 inches with a pixel resolution of 480 × 854 pixels coupled with 16 million colors something which gives it a great display output especially for people who love watching videos with their phones. The screen offers a multi-touch experience. Wiko Lenny runs on the 4.4.2 (Kitkat) Android OS. This together with the 1.3GHz Quad Core processor makes it a mid-range phone that is above most phones that we have in Kenya. It comes with a 512MB RAM which facilitates multi-tasking that you may want to subject the phone to. For gamers, a Mali 400 graphic processor will provide top notch graphics when you are playing any game. The storage is sufficient to store most of the apps that you may have as it comes with a 4GB internal storage which can be expanded to up to 32GB using an external SD card. Wiko Lenny is capable of giving you good photos with a 5MP primary camera and a 1.3MP secondary camera. The rear camera comes with an LED flash light to enable you to take clear images under low lighting. The price of Wiko Lenny is really good especially if you buy at Kilimall Kenya.

Wiko Ridge Fab 4G

Wiko Ridge Fab 4G was released in 2015 and has thus not been in Kenya for a long period of time. It is a light weight phone that comes with a premium look. It comes with a 5.5-inch screen which is large enough for viewing movies with it. The display employs the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 technology which protects it from scratches and any other form of damage. A 4.4.2 Android version gives you access to some of the latest games and apps on Google play. The 1.2GHz Quad Core processor works with a 2GB RAM on this phone giving it a smooth performance making it impossible for this phone to lag. The camera has stirred up the environment of the Kenyan mobile phones as it comes with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera something which was a rare occurrence early last year. Storage of documents on our phone is catered for by the 16GB internal storage capacity which is expandable to up to 64GB using an external SD card. What has made this phone tick is because it is capable of connecting to 4G network and can have faster download speeds and a better internet connectivity than what you get with most of the 3G phones that are in Kenya. The price varies depending on where you buy the phone, but Kilimall offers the best deals when it comes to Wiko phones.

Wiko Highway Pure 4G

Wiko has managed to give Kenyans a phone with 4G connectivity which makes it one of the best mid-range phones. It has a cool design and is a light phone something that gives it an advantage over most of the phones that are in the same price range as Wiko Highway pure. It comes with an AMOLED capacitive screen which has16 million colors. It has a display size of 4.8 inches and a pixel density of 306 ppi. The screen is amazing as it supports up to ten fingers and employs the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 technology. Wiko Highway Pure runs on the 4.4.2 Android OS and a 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor, which facilitate a fast response when you are working with apps on your phone. A 2GB RAM makes multi-tasking possible as you can run numerous apps at the same time. With the camera, you get an 8MP primary camera and a 5MP secondary camera that produce decent images. A 16GB internal memory will make it possible for you to save as much as you may want. The best thing about Wiko Highway Pure is that the battery is non-removable and comes with a capacity of 2000mAh that gives you up to 160 hours on standby mode while on 3G.

Wiko Highway Signs

Kilimall Kenya offers yet another Wiko phone that comes with one of the best selfies cameras, the Wiko Highway signs. It is a mid-range device that landed in the country last year and has so far gained popularity among the young people. It comes with a 4.7-inch screen display with a pixel resolution of 720 × 1280 and a pixel density of 312ppi. It is a comfortable phone that perfectly fits into the palm of your hands. An 8MP rear camera is complemented with a 5MP front camera that offers quality selfies. The images produced by this camera are way above what other mid-range phones can offer in Kenya. It runs on the 1.4GHz Octa-Core processor, a 4.4.2 Android OS, and a 1GB RAM. This phone has a super fast performance that ensures that you don’t experience lagging while using it. It offers an 8GB internal storage capacity which can be expanded to up to 32 GB to facilitate the storage of most of your documents. The battery is an important element in any smartphone; Wiko Highway Signs comes with a 2000mAh battery capacity. Considering that this phone has a good performance, the battery capacity keeps it on during most of the day to make sure that your phone does not go off. The price varies depending on the location of the store that you buy the phone. Among the online shops that are in Kenya, Kilimall is the one that offers a lower price for this phone.

Wiko Highway Star 4G

Wiko Highway Star is another phone from Wiko that comes with the 4G experience that most Kenyans would want to have on their phones. To begin with, it comes with 4G connectivity that offers high Internet speeds that allow you to download apps from the internet at 150Mbps. It comes with a 5.0-inch screen that has 68.5% screen to body ratio. The camera gives you a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. The camera records videos at 1080 pixels at 30fps putting it at the top of its game when it comes to the camera. With the performance, expect to get a powerful phone that runs on the 4.4.2 Android OS and a 1.5GHz Octa Core processor for faster app response. Multitasking is not a problem as it has been catered for by the 2GB RAM. Wiko Highway Star comes with a 2450mAh battery capacity that gives you up to 184 hours on standby mode when the phone is on 3G. This phone comes at an affordable price if you choose to buy at Kilimall Kenya.

Wiko Lenny 2

Wiko Lenny 2 came right after Wiko Lenny, but it has more improvements than what Wiko Lenny would give you. It comes with a display of 5.0 inches with a pixel resolution of 480 × 854 pixels with a pixel density of 196ppi. The 5.0-inch screen is large enough to allow you watch movies and videos on your phone. The display offers for multi-touch ability allowing the use of more than one finger. A good processor is the key to an efficient phone. Wiko Lenny 2 comes with a 1.3GHz Quad Core processor and a Mali 400 MP graphic processor that offers you quality images when playing games with this phone. The fact that it runs on the 5.1 Android OS makes it access most of the recent apps on Google play. The 768 RAM on Wiko Lenny 2 makes multitasking easy with this phone. Most Kenyans will put a lot of consideration when it comes to the camera; this phone comes with a 5MP rear camera that has an LED flash which comes in handy when images are taken under low lighting. A 2MP front camera produces quality selfie images which are decent. Wiko Lenny 2 comes with an 1800mAh removable battery. The battery capacity is large as it offers up to 240 hours on standby mode. Kilimall offers this phone at a discounted price which is much lower than what you would get in other shops.

Why should you buy your Wiko phone at Kilimall Kenya?

Kilimall is one of the leading online shops in Kenya and gives its clients the best services each and every day. Some of the benefits that you get when you buy your Wiko phone or any other phone in Kenya at Kilimall are: You get to buy a genuine phone that has not been tampered with. Most of the shops in Kenya offer phones which don’t have the original batteries and other accessories that a phone should come with. The price that you get a device with is so affordable that you cannot get such anywhere in Kenya. Kilimall offers most of their products at discounted prices, and this also applies to any Wiko phone that you may want to buy.

Something else that Kilimall guarantees their customer is that delivery is done with the highest efficiency that takes time into consideration. It is possible to get your phone in less than two days after you have made an order. This is not the case if you are buying the phone from one of the shops in Kenya. You may have to walk and get your phone physically and at times you may be disappointed after finding out that the phone you want is out of stock.

Online shopping is fun and saves time something that Kilimall Kenya understands quite will. That is the reason as to why almost everything that you get from Kilimall is pocket-friendly

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