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How to choose Best Camera Phone Online | Infinix

Infinix Mobility is coming up with different Infinix Smartphone every now and then. It is a privilege to all Kenyans to have these budget phones on the market. Infinix phones have excellent features that are modern and fit for this new generation. The specs are high and worth the value. If you come across the latest series of Infinix, you will realize the design and specifications are pleasing. Infinix Phones are among the best smartphones in Kenya in the industry. In the current market, there are several Infinix phones, which are different and new to the users. These Infinix phones include:




  • Infinix Hot 4 

  • Infinix Note 3

  • Infinix Hot S

  • Infinix Hot Note

Infinix Hot 4 Pro X571

If you know about the Infinix Note 3 and Note 4 you definitely know the DNA of the Infinix NOTE series comprises of a large screen, big battery, and flash charging. Infinix Note 4 Pro has perfected this. The giant 4500 mAh battery only needs 5 mins charge to reach 200 mins – talk time. Xcharge 4.0 which provides quick charge with low voltage and high efficiency. The screen is a sharp 5.7" display feature with high color gamut which is 20% higher than most competing smartphones and a 1300 contrast rate and luminance, which makes the screen unbelievably colourful, clear and dynamic. Oh, it also comes with an astonishing XPen to bring a totally new experience and enable you explore your creative side in XNote. With NOTE4 Pro and XPen even you can become a painter! Meanwhile, Xpen works 40 mins with only 20 seconds charging. It also features an excellent 13MP main camera with Dual LED flash and the 1.4μm 8MP front camera combines the latest selfie filters to make all of your selfies truly stunning.

Infinix Hot 5 X559C

If you love music, then Infinix Hot 5 is the ultimate phone for you with its 3D Stereo Surround technology. That means with this "small" phone, you get a Home Theatre sound experience. With its smart fingerprint key, the Infinix Hot 5 keeps all your private data truly private. Its 4000 mAh battery, once fully charged, keeps the fun going on for up to two days. Powered by the XOS, an operating system based on the Android M, this dual-SIM smartphone offers a seamless and energy-efficient performance. Its 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera with soft light flash features five internal lens elements and multiple shooting modes to help you take picture-perfect photos. Did I mention its sleek diamond cutting edge design which is a rigid structure that has been combined with colourful 3D texture to encapsulate youthfulness, beauty, and personalized aesthetics?

Infinix Hot 5 Lite X559

Infinix Hot 5 Lite literally has all the features of the Infinix Hot 5 except for the 1 GB RAM and the fingerprint sensor. It is a great option if you are looking for a budget phone that doesn’t compromise on the core elements you may be looking for in a phone… while providing you more, such as the 3D Stereo, huge battery capacity and camera.

Infinix Zero 3

Infinix Zero 3 is one among the latest Infinix Phones with a premium look. The phone has a metallic and glass build up. Infinix Zero 3 comes with a large 5.5 inches FULL HD display. The screen resolution is 1080P, which is quite high setting a record from other phones in the industry. It is a high resolution; this ensures clear viewing ability when watching videos. The images will be sharp and accurate. Infinix Zero 3 runs on X UI operating system, which is a product of Infinix. The software is fast when multi-tasking the device. There are no hiccups, stutters when launching, and exiting apps. This software comes with excellent features that bring a delight to the users. Some of the features are; Quick action, memory manager, and standby network management. These features are modern and not common in other smartphones in the market. When we come to the camera of this device thing are pleasing the users. Infinix Zero 3 has 20.7 MP back camera, which is one of the best cameras in Infinix series. The camera is excellent and shoots high-quality images.

The images retain original color even after zooming. Regarding the camera, Infinix Zero 3 is the right phone to color your world. The performance of this gadget is smooth and pleasing to the users. Infinix Zero 3 has a chipset Media Tek Flagship Hello X10 that clock at 2.2GHz. The RAM of this smartphone is 3 GB that boosts the performance. On the other side of battery life, Infinix Zero 3 has a good battery capacity of 3030mAh. This capacity is enough for the phone hardware and to the users. You can go for a while without a need of charging this smartphone. Infinix Zero 3 is a nice phone that will color your world.

Infinix Hot Note

It is an Infinix mobile with a good taste in the current market. This phone has a good design that is attractive and pleasant. The appearance is cool with a plastic body that looks to be metallic. It is a light device with 172g kg and easy to manage in your hands. Infinix Hot Note has a large display of 5.5inches HD. This screen is enough to different users even when playing games and writing notes. The resolution is 720 x 1280 pixels, which ensures the color display is vibrant and sharp. I think Infinix Hot Note makes a record regarding display when you compare with other phones. The cameras of this device are average to the users. Infinix Hot Note has an 8 MP back camera together with a flashlight. The camera shoots high-quality pictures without dark edges, as it is common in some phones. The front camera has 2 MP shooting excellent selfies. The best thing about this camera, they are real and not software interpolation to boost the shooting ability. When you record Videos with Infinix Hot Note, the results are good, and you will not end up recording shaky videos.

The software of Infinix Hot Note is an old version when you compare with the latest excellent version like Marshmallow. Infinix Hot Note operates on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. It is annoying to the users to have this old version from the Infinix Company. We hope Infinix will give an update because Kitkat Operating System nothing will run smooth in this device. The performance of Infinix Hot Note is moderate. The device comes with a chipset MT6592 Octa-core processor, which clocks at 1.4GHz. The device will perform well but when multi-tasking you will experience some delays. This phone has a RAM of 1GB, which is not enough for apps to run smooth. On the other side of storage, Infinix Hot Note has an internal storage capacity of 16 GB. This memory capacity is enough, and it can accommodate most of your details. One of the best things about Infinix Hot Note is the battery capacity. Inside this device, there is a monster 4000mAh battery, which can take you for some days. To the active users, you can take even a day without charging this phone. When you compare the hardware of Infinix Hot Note with battery capacity, you will realize the Manufacturer was keen for the performance of the phone and the user.

Infinix Hot 3

Infinix Hot 3 is one of the Infinix phones with attractive features. The general appearance of this phone is pretty to both users and starters. Infinix Hot 3 comes with a plastic build up although with good decoration to look more expensive. The display of this Infinix mobile phone is pleasing with 5.5inches 720 HD. It is a good phone, which will display images well due to the high resolution. The images will be sharp and accurate for the best viewing. The screen brightness of this phone is excellent when indoors and the phone will perform well in sunlight conditions. You will not have a difficult time texting or make a call. When we look at the software of Infinix Hot 3, it is pleasing to the users. This phone has an XUI version operating system, which comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop. When you open Infinix Hot 3, you will realize there some installed apps although you can ignore them and add your best apps from Google Play. If you have a different taste with appearance of Infinix Hot 3, there is an app, which you can use to change the theme and set you the best look.

The cameras of this Infinix Phone are nice as it is a tradition of Infinix Company to release smartphones with excellent shooters. The back camera comes with 8 MP while the front one has 2 MP. The shooting is impressive with high-quality photos. It is a good phone to carry for your special occasion for best pictures, which will be memorable. The cameras are unique and can perform well in both lit and dark places. The back camera comes together with a LED flash that boosts the shooting ability mostly in dark areas. The hardware has a quad core processor that clock at 1.3 GHz. This phone also has 1 GB RAM, which I cannot say is not enough for this device to perform well. It is because phone's RAM plays a big role and with 1 GB, you may end up getting a hard time with this device. Apps will not run smooth as expected from a smartphone like Infinix Hot 3. On the storage side, you will find 16 GB internal space in this phone. The battery ability of Infinix Hot 3 is 3000mAh and is enough for the phone. The battery will withstand for a while if you are not using heavily.

Infinix Note 2

If you compare Infinix Phones and prices, you will realize the Company is giving out the best to the market. Infinix Note 2 is one among of the phones with excellent design appearing more expensive. The buildup of this device is plastic but with a brilliant look. It is a big gadget with 159.5 mm weighing 194g. The phone feels huge and premium to the users. The best thing I like about Infinix Note 2 is the display. This smartphone comes with a 6-inch screen with a high resolution of 245ppi. The screen is large enough and the best in doing all of your stuff. The resolution is nice for best viewing angles giving out 1090 pixels per inch. It means that the images will be clear for both users and starters. However, the display also has Gorilla Glass protection that prevents scratches. The cameras of this phone are great taking photos of high quality. The rear camera has 13 Mp with phase-detect autofocus. This feature makes the camera be quicker in the shooting. On top of that, there are also modern features this camera like; PIP, beauty, panorama and manual. It is a good camera, which records FULL HD resolution videos.

The front camera has 2 MP with 3P lens f/2.2 shooting lovely selfies. The performance of Infinix Note 2 is pleasing, and you will not have a hard time when using this gadget. The phone comes with Media Tek MT6753, which clocks at 1.3GHz. There is also 64-bit Octa-core that combines with 2 GB RAM making the speed of this phone high when multi-tasking. The internal memory of this device is 16 GB together with SD card that allows memory expansion up to 32 GB. When you look at the connectivity of this gadget, it is fine and modern like other devices. Infinix Note 2 has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and a dual SIM. This phone also supports LTE for fast mobile data. On the side of battery capacity, Infinix Note 2 has a Li-polymer warrior battery of 4000mAh. This capacity is large enough to take you through for a while without the need of charging.

Infinix Zero 2

Infinix Zero 2 is a classic phone from Infinix with modern features. The design of the phone is beautiful looking narrow from end to end. The body has Gorilla Glass protection to prevent scratches. This phone has a large display of 5-inches with a supper AMOLED. The screen is unique with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, which I think is standard for viewing. The cameras of this device are excellent taking quality pictures. The back camera has 13 MP with a LED flash to increase shooting ability. The front camera comes with 5 MP which is enough for lovely selfies. Video recording with Infinix Zero 2 is average and you will not end up with shaky results. Infinix Zero 2 runs on 4.4.2 Kitkat OS. It is an old version operating system, and I think Infinix should give an update for this phone. Regarding performance, Infinix Zero 2 is moderate and runs smoothly without continuous stutters when multi-tasking. You can open Face book and still play some games with this phone.

Infinix Zero 2 has a power processor of Octa-core Cortex-A7 CPU with a chipset Media Tek MT6592. About battery life of this phone, it comes with a small battery capacity of 2300mAh Li-ion Tech. It is annoying to the users to have such battery capacity for a smartphone like Infinix Zero 2. The capacity is not enough for heavy users, and you will need to have a standby charger. This device cannot last for a long time when using continuous. It is a challenge to the Infinix Company to give out such quality while there is a new technology of improving battery life. Infinix Zero 2 battery capacity is the least we expect from Infinix.

Infinix Hot 4 X557

Infinix Hot 4 brings a different experience to smartphone users in Kenya. It comes with amazing specs and features that one can only get with high-end devices. It comes with a 5.5-inch HD screen size which has amazing colors that make images come to life. The screen light can be easily adjusted for clarity depending on where you are; this feature enables you to see the content of your screen when it is dark or in outdoor environments. The design stands out as the most striking feature in this phone as it comes with changeable cases with different colors to suit your style, this gives the user the freedom to roll with the color that matches their mood on a particular day. Infinix Hot 4 is powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core processor and runs on a specially customized OS based on Android M known as XOS. You can either get the 1GB or 2GB version. The 2GB version is more expensive than the 1GB version. A 4000mAh battery keeps the phone powered for longer than a day. Infinix Hot 4 is one of the most affordable phones that come with a fingerprint scanner for enhanced security with your phone. Infinix Note 4 has an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera which has a high performance and gives decent images. A 16GB internal storage is sufficient for most people and is expandable to up to 32GB using an SD card.

Infinix Note 3

Infinix Note 3 is a phablet that comes with a 6.0 inch HD screen with a 1080 X 1920 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 368ppi. This means the images you get with the screen are crystal clear. The design is awesome, and it’s a slim phone that has an elegant feel on the palm of your hands. The performance has everything that a high-end device would give as you get a 1.3GHz Octa-core processor, it runs on the 6.0 Android OS and has a 2GB RAM. These are the ideal specs for a phone that that can give you speed and efficiency at the same time. With a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, the phone can take high-quality images that are quite decent. The video recording ability of the phones is quite good as the camera has been built with the best technology. Infinix Note 3 comes with a 4500mAh battery capacity which can keep the phone going for close to three days. It also comes with a 16GB internal storage capacity which can be expanded up to 128GB using a memory card. The whole package of Infinix Note 3 is filled with exciting features that anyone would want on their phone.

Infinix Hot S

Infinix Hot S is the smartphone that has taken Kenya by storm due to its exceptional features that take the smartphone to a whole new level. It has a 5.2-inch display with a resolution of 1280 X 720 and a pixel density of 320ppi; the display offers great viewing angles which is a plus for this phone. Infinix Hot S comes in a slim design which has a metallic frame something which gives it a premium look. Just like most recent Infinix smartphones it runs on the 6.0 Android OS and is powered by a 1.3GHz Octa Core processor and has a 2GB/3GB RAM which facilitates speed and multitasking with the phone. The model with the 3GB RAM is highly priced than the 2GB model. Talk of 4G and Infinix Hot S is the phone that you the fastest internet connectivity. A 3000mAh battery capacity is ideal for the functioning of this phone as it can keep the phone powered up for a whole day. Infinix Hot S has an excellent camera as it comes with a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP selfie camera. The camera can take clear images at night which places it above most of the mid-range smartphone cameras that you get in Kenya.

Infinix Hot 6

Infinix Hot 6 is 2018 new phones, the mobile phone the biggest characteristic is to support the 4 g network and can be expanded memory, you can better and faster through 4 g network access to the Internet, expand memory can keep the cell phone store more music, can at any time can hear the music you like.


Infinix mobile phones are among the best smartphones in the market. These Infinix phones are simple and easy to use without complications. The specs are high and modern bringing a new experience to the users and starters. Even though you will feel a pinch by getting deep in your pocket to buy these devices, the results are enjoyable. Infinix Manufacturer is trying to outdo the rivals buy producing the best gadgets to the society. One thing I like from Infinix Phones is the display. Most of the phones come with an excellent display both screen and resolution wise. These phones are nice to serve this new generation. The specifications and features of Infinix Mobile Phones will keep you in the update like other expensive smartphones in the phone industry.

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