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Microsoft smartphones have been in Kenya for a while now, in the beginning getting a Microsoft smartphone was reserved to a very small group of people as these phones were too expensive. While Microsoft were selling phones that were super expensive, most smartphones that were in Kenya were running on the Android OS and these phones were much cheaper. Microsoft runs on the Windows OS and were much expensive and as such Microsoft could not compete with smartphones that were already in the market as they enjoyed a very small portion of the market. These events led to them considerably reducing the prices of their smartphones to as low as Ksh 10, 000 which allowed more people who preferred a Windows phone to an Android phone get the opportunity to own one. Even though we can not talk about competition between Microsoft phones and Android phones, Microsoft has its own set of customers which also form a significant portion of the Kenyan population, and so far this phone is doing well in the market. Let us go through some of the Microsoft smartphones that are in Kenya and what they have to offer.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL is one of the Microsoft phones that come with amazing specs that make you fall in love with it the moment you get to see what is in this package. Microsoft Lumia 640 XL runs on the Windows 8.1 OS which can be upgraded to Windows 10. Getting a phone with an OS which can be upgraded is one of the best things any phone user can have, this is because you get to enjoy the OS that the phone comes with, and you can still upgrade it to a better version. I call this killing two birds with one stone as you will not have to buy another phone which has a better OS. Microsoft Lumia 640 XL is an ideal phone for busy people as it comes with a 3000mAh battery capacity. This battery does not require you to charge it every now and then because if it is on a full capacity in the morning, then you can use it for the whole day and not worry that the charge will run out in the middle of the day. The battery capacity is capable of supporting intense usage of this phone. Something else that makes Microsoft Lumia 640 XL stand out is its camera, it comes with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera which are responsible for giving you clear images that are of high quality. Microsoft Lumia 640 XL allows you to store your memories in a decent way.

Nokia Lumia 830

Nokia Lumia 830 is an ideal phone for people who love and appreciate style. It is an excellent phone that comes with great specs and a good design to complement it. Nokia Lumia 830 is made of a plastic body and a metal band that holds the plastic back. The glass is slightly curved something that gives Nokia Lumia 830 a unique outlook. The camera at the back of this phone blends perfectly well at the back, and the volume button and the power button are located on the sides where the metal band is. Considering that it has a 5-inch display, it is a comfortable phone to have as it slides into your jeans pocket easily without giving it unnecessary bulges. It is a comfortable phone that can be handled with one hand, most people who appreciate a big screen that also comes with comfort will get a good deal out of Nokia Lumia 830. A double tap on the Nokia Lumia 830 screen wakes the screen giving you a glimpse on some of the notifications that you may have. From that, you can decide whether to unlock your phone and view your notifications. The other specs are also good as it has a good and efficient performance which makes it an excellent phone to have in 2016. Kilimall offers this phone at a discounted price and more to that you also get it delivered at your doorstep in the shortest time possible.

Microsoft Lumia 532

Microsoft Lumia 532 is one of the affordable phones from Microsoft. It retails at less than Ksh 10, 000 in most of the stall in Kenya and of course Kilimall has the best deal in terms of the price. This phone is not just a low price phone; it also comes with some great specs that may make you consider it if you are thinking of buying a phone in 2016. One of the best things that you get with Microsoft Lumia 532 is an 8GB internal storage that can be expanded up to 128GB using an external SD card. More to this, you also get a 15GB of one drive cloud storage to store all your personal data as well as an extra 15GB for the backup of your images and videos from your camera. Microsoft Lumia 532 comes with a 1.2GHz Quad Core processor which I consider to be an advantage considering that this phone has a low price. This tells you that this phone is capable of giving you a good performance and speed is not something to worry about as it is a fast phone. The energy consumption of this processor is low, and you thus get a fast phone that is good at saving energy which keeps the phone on longer. Microsoft Lumia 532 is a dual sim phone, this allows you to enjoy any two benefits from two service providers without having to necessarily switch off your phone to put another sim card. It also eases the burden of having more than one phone.

Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 is yet another affordable phone that is priced at less than Ksh 10, 000. For people who are looking to start venturing with windows phone, they may want to start here as this is a great phone which comes at an affordable price. Microsoft Lumia 532 has a 4.5-inch screen display that makes it a small phone to carry around. For people who love chatting, this is the ideal phone as it can be held by one hand making typing on your phone easy and better. A 5MP camera makes it better as it is able to give you decent images especially when taken under good lighting. This makes Microsoft Lumia 532 one of the affordable phones in Kenya that is able to give you great images. You can save all your data on the 8GB internal storage that is provided by the Microsoft Lumia 532. The memory can be expanded up to 128GB using an external SD card. Kilimall offers Microsoft Lumia 532 at an affordable price and if you are lucky, you get to walk away with a gift. Kilimall not only gives you the phone at a low price but also delivers it where you are allowing you to rest as they do all the work for you.

Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft Lumia 535 is also an affordable device from Microsoft that retails at less than Ksh 15, 000 it was released in 2014, and it has still been making headlines as one of the most sold phones in Kenya. Microsoft Lumia 535 comes with a 5.0-inch display which is large enough to view videos on the phone and small enough to fit in your hand. For me, a 5.0 inch is the ideal screen for a smartphone as the size is a comfortable one to carry around. Microsoft Lumia 535 comes in two models, one which support dual sim and one which does not. Most Kenyans will settle for the one with the dual sim ability as it has more advantages than the one which supports one sim. Microsoft Lumia 535 runs on Windows phone 8.1 OS which gives it a good performance which is not only fast but also efficient. Microsoft Lumia 535 is available at Kilimall at a discounted price which is better than what most of the shops in Kenya offer. Considering that Kilimall is the leading e-commerce site in Kenya, the services that you get are top notch.

Microsoft Lumia 640

Microsoft Lumia 640 was launched early last year, and it has been doing a good job in the Kenyan market. It is a stylish phone that stays true to the Lumia spirit as its design is the one that makes you know that it is a Microsoft phone from a distance. Maybe one of the things that make this phone stand out is the Corning Gorilla 3 technology that it comes with. This is a technology that some of the Microsoft phones that came early did not have. Microsoft Lumia 640 is protected from damages that may be caused by scratches or mild falling of the phone. With this technology, you are sure that even after some time of using this phone, the screen will always look as good as new. Microsoft Lumia 640 gives you an 8MP rear camera which has an LED flash that makes it produce clear images when the lighting is not as good. It also has a 1MP selfie camera that gives clear images under good lighting. I think that Microsoft Lumia 640 will make a good phone for people who are looking for a stylish phone that also comes with something good when it comes to the specs. The performance of Microsoft Lumia 640 is also excellent as you get a 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor which gives this phone efficiency while you are operating it. Microsoft Lumia 640 comes with a 2500mAh battery capacity which is capable of fully supporting all the activities of this phone without running low on the charge. On average usage, Microsoft Lumia 640 can give you close to a day's usage. Microsoft Lumia 640 is available at Kilimall Kenya at a lower price than what you get from other shops


It is always wise to invest in a quality phone as you may be stuck with that phone for a very long time. Microsoft phones are among the phones that can give you quality and is a brand that has a name in Kenya. Kilimall Kenya has made it its commitment to giving Kenyans good phones at affordable prices that is the reason as to why you can walk away with a Microsoft phone with less than Ksh 10, 000. To top this up, anything that you order from Kilimall gets delivered at the point where you want it delivered. Kilimall makes sure that the need for a phone does not alter your day's schedule. You get the freedom to order and wait for it to be delivered as you go on with you day to day work. I believe that these are the services that most people in Kenya have been longing for for a very long time.

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