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Smartphone Oppo Online at Kilimall Kenya

Oppo smartphones have been in the Kenyan market close to two years now, have they managed to clinch a good share in the market? Yes, they have been able to top do this, and if all goes well, Oppo might be competing with big brands such as Samsung smartphones that happen to have a significant share in the Kenyan market. One thing that Oppo knows very well with the Kenyan people is that confidence is key to winning the hearts of the people. I think that this Chinese based company took a huge step when they entered the Kenyan market. This is because they introduced brands that are high end and a few mid-range devices. This has boosted the confidence of the people towards this brand making it flourish within a very short time. Since we well know that Kilimall is one of the e-commerce sites that deals with quality smartphones, it has made it its business to ensure that the people get this phone at a slightly lower price than what you would get from other shops. This is great as it saves a few shillings for you. Let us take a closer look at some of the Oppo smartphones in Kenya.

Oppo F1

Oppo F1 is a phone that most of us are in agreement that it is a good phone, what makes up a good phone is a combination of quality hardware and software. This is exactly what Oppo F1 has incorporated making it a phone that can win an award at any day. Some of the things that make it stand out are its slim appearance. It is not only slim but also a light weight phone that weighs 134 grams. This means that Oppo F1 gives you both comfort and class in the same package. The design is not a boring one, as a matter of fact, it has a premium look, something that gives it an edge over most of the phones that we have in Kenya. The other thing that would make you buy this phone is the camera, it comes with a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera, the front camera is able to give selfies that are crispy clear. This makes Oppo F1 an ideal phone for photos. The other specs come in handy as its performance is really great considering that it has a 3GB RAM which makes multitasking a reality. No need to worry if you don't like a phone that has been on the market for long, Oppo F1 was launched early this year and has not been in the market for a very long time.

Oppo R7s

Oppo R7s was released in the last quarter of 2015 and has been a success in the sales that it has so far made. It is a super slim phone whose design stands out from most of the phones that we currently have in Kenya. A look at what it comes with gives you the impression that this is a super powerful phone which can take the price home at any day. For me, the catchy thing with Oppo R7s is the large battery capacity that it comes with. Oppo R7s comes with a 3070mAh non-removable battery which keeps your communication going for longer hours. With its flash charge ability, a charge of five minutes can give you talk time of almost two hours non-stop. Something else that makes Oppo R7s a phone worth considering in 2016 is its RAM; it comes with a 4GB RAM. To most people that have phones that have a 1GB RAM, this is unheard of, and they can just imagine the possibilities that this kind of RAM can have. Oppo R7s gives you the experience of speed while working with the apps on your phone, just call it an excellent performance because that is what you get with this phone. In terms of performance, you get to roll on quality and speed as the processor is also on point. Kilimall makes Oppo R7s more appealing to the people by lowering its price making it affordable to the people. Kilimall also ensures that you get this phone right where you are by making a delivery at your doorstep. This is one of the services that most people in Kenya would certainly want to have.

Oppo Neo 7

Oppo Neo 7 is one of the Oppo models that is really affordable to people. It is a phone that can be afforded by both campus students and individuals who have just started working. The package that you get with Oppo Neo 7 is a good one as it has not compromised on the quality. It is a good phone that is quite comfortable on the hand given that it is a light weight phone. It has tried to incorporate some of the most recent smartphone advancements such as running on the 5.1 Android OS. It has a 1GB RAM which facilitates multi-tasking with apps on this phone. Oppo Neo 7 comes in two models, the 3G model, and the 4G model. These two have various variations such as 1.3GHz Quad Core processor is in the 3G model while the 4G model is powered by a 1.2GHz Quad Core processor. The 4G version has Adreno 306 graphic processor while the 3G model has Mali 400MP2 graphic processor. Of course, most Kenyans will go for the 4G model that is capable of giving them high internet connectivity as well as faster downloads than what they get with the 3G model. With the possibilities that 4G can offer you, it is a model that would be worth considering in case you are thinking of having a new phone. Kilimall Kenya comes in handy for people who may want to buy this phone; you only have to get to the website, make an order and wait for the delivery that will take a very short time. This is by far one of the best shopping methods that can favor you as it not only saves money but time too.

Oppo Joy Plus

Oppo has mid-range phones to its name; it is a wonderful thing to know that you can get an affordable phone from a brand that gives quality to its users. Oppo Joy Plus is a light weight phone as it only weighs 125 grams which make it lighter than most of the phones that are more expensive. Oppo Joy plus was announced around April in 2015; it means that it has not been around for a long period of time and as such it is not an outdated phone. Oppo Joy Plus will come in handy for people who want a phone for the purpose of communication as well as something in terms of technology that will hype the phone up a little bit. It serves well for that function and considering that it is small in size, 4.0 inches, it fits well in your pocket and in your hand. Oppo Joy plus gives you the benefit of having various apps on your phone and gamers are also considered here as it comes with a graphic processor which is good to ensure that you enjoy most of the games. Oppo Joy Plus is a dual sim phone and it allows Kenyans have the privilege of enjoying products of more than one service provider. It actually eases the burden of having to carry more than one phone in case you operate with more than one sim card. Kilimall offers this phone at a lower price than what other shops sell it at, and that is not all, it is possible to get a gift after shopping with Kilimall which makes all Kilimall customers part of a big family. Kilimall is an e-commerce site where orders take a very short period of time before a delivery is made.

Oppo Find 7

There is a group of people who will only roll with a phone that comes with class and elegance. This is what is locked in Oppo Find 7; it was announced in 2014 but has been making headlines as one of those phones that have a high number of customers. For people who love a large screen that will require them to handle with two hands, this is the ultimate phone for that kind of feeling. Oppo Find 7 comes with a 5.5-inch screen that has an amazing display and an excellent visual output something that makes viewing videos with this screen better. It is able to connect to 4G network meaning that you get to have a phone that can download apps faster, streaming live videos with this phone is not a hustle. With most good phones having a 16GB internal memory, Oppo Find 7 offers the Kenyan people a whole 32GB internal storage capacity, think about what such an internal memory is able to do for you. You can have as many videos, images, and apps as you may want with this phone. Actually, there is no point of buying a memory card with such storage. This is not all, the performance that you get with this phone is top notch and with a 3GB RAM you expect to run more than one app at the same time and you will not have to worry about the phone lagging. If you would want to put your hands on this phone, Kilimall will have you covered; you can make an order and this phone will be delivered right where you are.

Oppo Neo 5

Oppo Neo 5 is a phone that comes packaged with something good here and there when it comes to the specs, not forgetting that it is an affordable phone. For people who appreciate comfort with their smartphones, Oppo Neo 5 will come in handy as it comes with a 4.5-inch display which is large enough for viewing images and videos and small enough to fit into your pocket and your hand. One thing that makes Oppo Neo 5 stand out is the fact that it comes with 4G connectivity. You will rarely come across an affordable phone that runs on 4G yet Oppo has given Kenyans a brand that offers both of them. With 4G what you can do with your phone is so much in terms of using the internet. You don't have to wait for so much time in order to download an app or a video; 4G gives you super speeds for that. All other specs are also good considering that it is an affordable device. It is the perfect phone for people who need a smartphone that can give them efficiency in usage.


As we have seen, Oppo might just be the next big thing in the Kenyan smartphone market. Kilimall wants to be part of this growth and development and as such sell Oppo smartphones at a more affordable price than what you will get in other shops in the country. It is evident the people's lives are becoming busy by the day and getting to a shop to buy a phone might at times be difficult. Kilimall gives you the opportunity to relax throughout the weekend or any other day as you wait for an Oppo smartphone or any other phone that you may have ordered to be delivered right where you are.

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