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Buy Best Price Smart TVs at Kenya

Kilimall provides the best Television brands in the market at unbeatable prices. We strive to provide our customers with a wide variety of TVs to cater for their unique desires. We pride ourselves in having televisions from well-known manufactures such as LG and SONY as well as the best of up and coming manufactures such as Skyworth, Armco, Hisense, and TCL.


This is a new brand in Kenya and has been doing great over the past few years. Consumers who have always wanted the smart and flat screen TV experience but were locked out by the high prices of flatscreens can now enjoy the same experience but at a cheaper price. This is because Skyworth television brand in Kenya is gaining roots fast. What you get at a fair price is an LED tvs that has some of the most amazing images and is designed to bring back life and fun in home entertainment. Watching this mammoth of a television mounted on your wall makes you feel proud of yourself and the only difference between this brand and other established brands is only time.

They have been in existence in Kenya since before the digital migration and they give Kenyans the chance to enjoy watching digital tvs stations for free just as they did before the migration. Kenyan channels seem more interesting on flat LED display and is a great upgrade from the traditional televisions most homes owned. The best news was mentioned first; and that is these TVs are cheap. Other than the cheap price, one enjoys internet access because these televisions are mostly smart TVs. Connect via Wi-Fi or a LAN cable and enjoy streaming movies from the internet. You no longer have to pass through the movie shop again to get your favorite movie because with Skyworth you can stream it or even download it to watch it later. Stream music from sites such as YouTube without a fuss and enjoy listening to your favorite music. The display is also marvelous. One gets high-quality and natural images with an enhanced resolution. Skyworth boasts of ultra-high definition and that is what they deliver.

You will be stunned by the display and your home entertainment scene will forever be changed by a Skyworth smart television. A high quality tvs will always be accompanied by a good sound system. Skyworth gives both the viewer and the listener an experience of a lifetime where they naturally interact with what is being displayed on the screen. Unlike other television brands with poor sound quality, Skyworth has the greatest sound system and speakers to boot. With the additional USB ports, you will enjoy listening to your favorite tracks stored on your flash disk all day long on this TV. Being a smart TV, you will be able to stream music and videos from the internet and enjoy them at the comfort of your sofa. The rich soundtrack coming from the speakers of Syworth televisions makes watching movies more entertaining than before.

Free advice is given to those who enjoy horror movies because with the amazing soundtracks, the horror will be multiplied. You can boost your sound system with a home theater system by connecting it through the HDMI ports. What this does is boost your audio and completes the whole home entertainment bucket list. High-quality and High definition videos can be seen on this television via connecting a Blu-ray to the HDMI input allowing you to watch real HD images. Skyworth offers Kenyans what many companies do not; a well deserved package at a friendly price. It offers a solution to the digital conundrum created by the government.

Armco Televisions

Rural Kenyans have been urbanized thanks to the digital migration and this has led to a high demand of digital electronics in such areas. Ghettos in Kenya also need to be digitized and this demand for cheap electronics has not fallen on deaf ears. Armco brand has penetrated the Kenyan market thanks to their cheap products that offer the digital experience but at a pocket friendly price. It is true that Kenya is a country of a few millionaires and this makes the majority of the population in need for products that fit their income. Armco televisions are cheap and are designed to blend in seamlessly with the home décor. They can be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand but either way, they make the house look good.

Despite their low prices, these sets are amazingly elegant and classy. They transform the average home into a cinema due to their elegance and great design. One does not need to redesign the house once they purchase this television sets from Armco because they will blend in with the house décor. Other than the design, Armco brand in Kenya offers LED televisions and this means that you will enjoy watching almost every content because of high contrast ratios and better blacks. This backlighting system is better than the LCD by far and is what one gets with Armco brand in Kenya. This television sets also have a high pixel density and produces some great images making entertainment life-like. The speakers equipped in these sets are also amazing and they complement the great picture viewed on the screen. If the speakers that are in-built are not to your satisfaction, one is free to connect a home-theater system via the HDMI ports to improve the sound and obtain surround sound.

They also come with inbuilt decoders and this means you need not pay to watch television. Save yourself the hassle of paying for TV because what you get with Armco at a budget price saves you money. Enjoy the best local and international content free of charge once you get Armco television sets. There are some models that feature USB recording and this makes them the best because you will not miss a moment on TV because you are busy in one way or the other. You can record your favorite shows and enjoy watching them at a later time without a fuss. Other than USB recording, you can also enjoy your favorite music tracks stored on your USB drive via connecting to the USB port. This television supports various formats and this gives you a wide range of videos you can watch from your flash or hard disk.

Konka TV

the leading electronic and telecommunication manufacture in the world since 1980s; Covers multi-media consumer electronics, home electronics, color TVs, digital signage and large home appliances; KONKA TV products have been leading constant consumer entertainment revolution;Combining the unique OMI system with Android system and integrated with upgraded chip; Business covers 108 countries in Asia, Middle East, Australia, Africa, Europe and America; With more than 100 million users from local and abroad.


There are very many best price smart tv brands in Kenya and it may be impossible to name all of them in a review but the few that have been mentioned stand out because of their high sales and few complaints from users. Skyworth and Armco have been making a name for themselves as tv brands in Kenya and so far so good. They have enjoyed high sales and as mentioned before, few complaints from consumers. The saying that China electronics rarely last may be challenged by these brands in Kenya.

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