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MALL> Electronics & Appliances> TVs, Audio & Video> Televisions> SONY

Sony boasts of having a wide range of electronics in the market ranging from televisions, Cameras, DVDs sound systems, phones and much more. For many years, Sony has invested in building itself as a brand and what we are enjoying right now are fruits of many years of hard labor. Electronics have become part and parcel of our lives in that we can almost not do without them in our day to day lives. Sony is one of the electronics that most people can be able to afford as it is possible to get an affordable Sony gadget and a super expensive Sony device. What this does is that it creates products that occupy every niche of the market. That is the reason as to why you will get a Sony TV, DVD or Radio in almost every home in Kenya. Today our primary focus will be on Sony televisions. Gone are the days when a television set was owned by a few neighbors who happened to better off. Right now, a TV is not just a necessity but a luxury that everyone wants to have in their houses. People no longer settle for TVs with basic functions but go a step ahead to get smart TV’s, flat screens which are large in size, digital TV’s etc. This is to say that more often than not, people will go for a TV which has something extra to offer. Sony has a wide range of televisions that come in all sizes and with different capacities. Let us take a look at some of the options that you get when shopping with Kilimall Kenya.

Sony 48R560

Sony 48R560 is a television that takes watching to another level, going beyond the ordinary which we are used to with normal TV. The design of this TV is on top of its game as it is 48 inch in size and black in color. You can choose to mount it on the wall or have it on your table. Both styles give the room an ambiance which is really cool. Sony 48R560 is a smart TV and as such it brings the internet into your living room. For me, this means that I don’t have to strain to watch a YouTube video on my phone. It is more fun watching videos from YouTube with the large screen of the TV as compared to using the phone. Better still, Sony 48R560 can stream live videos when you are seated on the couch, making it easy to connect to any football game anywhere in the world, Olympics or any live event that may be happening at a given moment. Not saying that Sony 48R560 is a digital TV will not be fair to this TV. You can watch all your favorite stations without a decoder. Sony has made the TV experience better and smarter giving you all the comfort that you may need. With Kilimall, getting Sony 48R560 is made easier as it is delivered right where you are at the location of your choice.

Sony 40R350

Sony 40R350 is one of the televisions that bring something good to the table. Sony 40R350 is 40 inch in size, which makes it large enough to give you a great watching experience. We are always faced with the bitter truth of our screens having some ugly marks which are visible when the TV is off. One thing that will make you love the Sony 40R350 is the fact that it has X-protection Pro which protects the screen increasing durability at the same time. Some of the things that you expect to get are Dust protection, Surge protection, lightning protection and humidity protection with an anti-humidity coating. This protects the Sony 40R350 from all forms of external damages. A TV which can resist screen damage becomes a must have choice to most people as the beauty of the television is retained even after a few years of use. Sony 40R350 comes with an FM radio, everything about this TV is just amazing, when you get tired of watching you can easily switch to the FM radio and listen to all your favorite music. The radio saves some space in your living room as you don’t need to go buy and buy a Radio. Considering that the Sony 40R350 is a digital TV, it also means that you don’t have to spare some space for a decoder. Sony 40R350 offers a three in one device. A radio, a TV and a decoder all fitting in one space, giving you the living room that is not stuffed with a lot of electronics.

Sony W51D

Sony W51D is a smart TV; these are the televisions that have revolutionized an idea that became a reality in the 19th century. When the first television was presented to the public, there was a mixture of excitation and anticipation in what the future holds for televisions. I don’t think that anyone in their wildest dream could have imagined that in some two centuries to come people would be having televisions that could show images that have a touch of what you get in the real thing. Sony W51D smart TV is such a television, it is a smart TV meaning that you have internet on your television set, everything from watching videos, searching something on the internet, downloading all your favorite music is made possible with this TV. For people who love gadgets with good sound, Sony W51D smart TV is the way to go, it has a built-in subwoofer, and the quality of sound that you get cannot be compromised. With any TV, what matters most are the visual output and the audio output. A high pixel resolution makes all images that you see on this television exceptionally clear. At some point you even think that you are on the real venue of whatever it is that you are watching. The flat screen design that it comes with makes it blend with your décor without altering the design of your house. Kilimall makes owning Sony W51D smart TV a reality as the price has been considerably reduced making it more affordable to the people.

Sony R300c

Sony R300c is one of the televisions that forms a long series of Sony flat screen TV’s. At Kilimall you are able to get a 32 inch Sony R300 which comes with some amazing features that will light up your living room. The shape of this TV is such that you can mount in on your wall or place it on a stand. Both cases are okay as you will get a TV which is perfect for your living room. Considering that it is a flat screen, the back is entirely flat giving it a sense of beauty. The XR 100/120Hz reduces the chances of getting blurry images with Sony R300. This means that you can enjoy scenes which are fast moving and you will get a smooth experience. Sony R300 is a digital TV which makes it possible for you to get many channels on television even without a decoder. The quality of the images that you get are better as well as the sound quality. You are able to get HD programmes something which makes the Sony R300 one of the best televisions to have. At Kilimall, Sony R300 is super affordable and you are able to get it at any location of your choice.

Sony W95D

Sony W95D is a TV that allows you to enjoy the 3D experience in the comfort of your house. Images that you get with Sony W95D are so refined that you get to see every detail that an image has. One of the most enjoyable experiences that you can have is when you have a TV which gives you rich colors. Sony W95D is in a position to do just that and give you some of the best colors that a TV can have. You get a full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), this is not what you get with most of the TV’s around and with this you have the confidence that Sony W95D will serve you for a very long time, with excellent image output. For people who love having a great sound when they are watching, Sony W95D is the perfect TV as it comes with a slim subwoofer which is separate from the TV. As such, you choose where to mount it and it gives one of the best sounds that fill the room with an amazing audio system. Sony W95D is a smart TV offering you all that you would want from the internet from your TV. The experience that you get with Sony smart TV is often incomparable to what you get from other brands. Considering that Sony W95D is a smart Android TV, you have lots of things to choose from Google play store, sometimes the thought of this TV makes you feel like it is the future of what television technology has to offer.

Sony X94D/X93D

Sony X94D/X93D is a TV that brings home fun, class and adventure. It is a flat screen TV which also happens to be a smart TV and a digital TV at the same time. The possibilities that you get with this Sony brand are just limitless. Sony X94D/X93D is an Android TV meaning that you can access apps from Google play. An amazing thing that strikes everyone who puts their eyes on this TV is its slim stature that makes it fit into the wall perfectly. A glance at it on the wall may make you think that you are looking at something which was constructed together with the wall. The images that one gets with Sony X94D/X93D smart TV are by far better than what other televisions can give you. The clarity, quality and the balance of the colors makes you feel the moment that is on TV, it takes you there. This is made possible by the X1 image processor that works towards ensuring that all the images that you get are clear with an enhanced resolution. In simple terms, Sony X94D/X93D smart TV is one that brings elegance and technology close to you. Days when you had to deal with so many wires around your TV are long gone, with it; you will get something clean on your wall which will always demand attention from the people that look at it.


With Sony beating all the odds with television technology, it is evident that we cannot imagine what in the name of television we shall be having in the years to come. Owning a Sony flat screen TV is a sense of pride to most of the people living in Kenya as you are sure that it is among the models that will give you some peace of mind in the years to come. With time, Sony has proved to be a TV that is worth the trust and the confidence of the people. Kilimall is working hard to ensure that most Kenyans are in a position to buy one of the Sony TV’s including a smart TV. This is the reason as to why Kilimall sells Sony televisions at a more discounted price and deliveries are done everywhere in the country. A person who lives as far as Mombasa can get a Sony smart TV delivered right to their doorstep. Ordering for a TV is also easy as anyone can do it.

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