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MALL> Electronics & Appliances> Household Appliances> Water dispensers

Water dispensers have become a necessity for homes, offices, pharmacies, banks and so many other places. This means that getting the right water dispenser will save you from other expenses that may be incurred if you don’t get it right. Kilimall offers various brands that offer the best water dispensers that have features and functionalities that give you water just the way you want it. The prices are pocket-friendly, and you get to enjoy discounted water dispensers which will not affect your budget.


Hotpoint is one of the leading brands in Kenya when it comes to making electronics and house appliances. It is a brand that offers so much to choose from in all the products that it makes. Water dispensers are no exception; Hotpoint has numerous water dispensers that one can choose from depending on the factors influencing your decision. The water dispensers are priced differently depending on several factors such as size, whether it requires a table stand or has its own stand, cooling features, etc. This means that you cannot miss what you want in a water dispenser with Hotpoint.

Hotpoint water dispensers have several functionalities depending on the model that you choose. They have several features such as hot and cooling storage cabinet. Such a water dispenser gives you the extreme in water temperature which is more convenient than always having to heat the water when you want it hot or put in the fridge when you want it cold.

Hotpoint water dispensers come in different colors which are mainly silver, white and black. These three colors blend effortlessly with the décor of most places. They come with a cool design which makes the water dispenser add more to the room than just its water dispensing ability. A common thing with water dispensers is that they always leave behind a messy surface. Most Hotpoint water dispensers have a collecting surface which reduces the mess around the water dispenser. With that, you are assured that tidiness is not an option with a Hotpoint water dispenser.

Hotpoint tabletop water dispensers are affordable and work well with someone who needs an affordable water dispenser. The table top water dispenser is ideal for homes as it is affordable and can simply be placed on top of a table or a stand. Considering that it is smaller in size, moving it from one place to another is quite easy.

Armco water dispensers

Armco is a well-known brand in Kenya as it has been in the electronics business for some time now. Armco has a wide range of water dispensers that one can choose from. Most of the water dispensers that you get with this brand have an outstanding design than what you get with other brands. They have the heating functionality which makes it possible for it to dispense hot water as well as cold water. This is a functionality that is not common with what some of the cheap brands in Kenya offer. Kilimall significantly reduces the price of Armco water dispensers ensuring that customers can get one at an affordable price.


A water dispenser is an essential equipment that you don’t miss in most places. Kilimall gives you the best water dispensers at the most affordable prices. The best part is that you get a wide range of products to choose from which vary in the pricing. This gives everyone an opportunity to get the one which fits into their budget. Water dispensers that you get with Kilimall are stylish which make them stand out making the room they are in have an array of class.

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