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Tablet PCs

Tablet PC need no introduction, they’ve been around for quite some time now, and without one, you can’t claim yourself a tech geek. This decade turned out to be a feast for the tablet fans. It’s not about the big giants anymore, other powerhouses have joined the tablet bandwagon and produced plenty tablets available here in Kilimall. Some of the top tablet PC we have are:









Whether you’re looking to connect on social media, stream movies, play PC games or stay connected when bored, our latest tablet PCs balance both the portability and performance you need. Our range of prices will allow you create the ideal setup to fit your lifestyle.

Our tablet brands share the same design, layout and media features. If you have been using an Asus tablet, you will be familiar with the Excelvan tablet; you’ll feel comfortable with cube tablet too. Almost all devices share the Google's operating system customized to the format found in computers and laptops.

Buying a tablet here in Kilimall is no longer a costly affair, it is much possible to get one at an affordable cost with high-quality specs. You can easily get your best tablet PC by comparing their specifications on each tablet above. Some of the notable specifications to consider are:

Display size

Quality of the display

Display colors

The weight of the tablet


Storage capacity



Response to the touch on the screen

Overall size of the tablet

4G compatibility

You can select your tablet based on the above specifications. You have to think of your budget in line with the tablet specifications you want to buy.

Android tablets let you experience computing in a lighter and portable way than a laptop. They are ideal for easy access to millions of apps letting you enjoy emailing, browsing, and much more. Everything is fun and easy to execute from the interface to customizable tools. Below are some of the tablet PC we have on board:

Teclast Tablet PC

Teclast retina tablet PCs comes with a notable difference. It is available in three different tastes Android, Windows, and dual boot. Teclast has upped its game a notch higher and has started trending day by day. The tablet emanates from one renowned Chinese manufacturer; the company has recently gotten hands on decent hardware for top-notch performance. They come with an IPad retina screen which is the same screen used in the IPad Air. The display is amazing with sharp and good colors to give you an excellent viewership. Kilimall brings you some super tablets with different specifications to choose from. They are affordable and of premium quality. Get one today and have it delivered right at your doorstep.

ASUS Tablet PC

Asus tablets are manufactured by a Taiwan multinational computer hardware based in Taiwan. They are portable, sturdy and reliable; Asus tablets are designed to fit your lifestyle. Kilimall aim is to bring you harmony using a tablet experience graced with elegant designs, excellent visual enhancements, and cinematic audio. Asus tablet lets you enjoy incredible entertainment topped up with luxury specifications. As if it’s not enough, the tablets have the most advanced software paired with cutting edge hardware. It’s incredibly fun and fast to read your notes on one of this tablet yet looking all stylish and flashy. With just a little amount of money, you walk away with this super tablet courtesy of Kilimall.

Excelvan Tablet PC

Excelvan International, Inc. manufactures one of the cheapest tablets we have here in Kilimall. They are great for web browsing and watching movies. Excelvan tablet runs on the latest Android Operating Systems and has a good access to Google’s Play Store and millions of Apps. If you are an electronic addict, Excelvan tablet will offer you a nice small PC and a smartphone all in one. Its processor is powerful, and one can run multiple applications without ruining its speed or performance.

Onda Tablet PC

The Onda tablet PCs are a strange beast on the go. They come with decent hardware, great connectivity, and two operating systems. One of the best-selling points is the price; Kilimall has already negotiated it for you. Well, you will surely get a better deal here. There is a lot to like about this Onda tablet PC from the design to the performance everything attracts the user. If you are after a value tablet, consider Onda Tablet PC for an amazing experience.

PIPO Tablet PC

The PiPo is a great value tablet PC suited to someone who is a tech geek and does more than just web browsing. The performance is great, and you can watch movies comfortably as well as listen to music with your friends somewhere relaxing. You have the option of mounting a keyboard and take advantage of a mini netbook experience. Pipo tablet is selling at a good price here in Kilimall, purpose to get one today.

Chuwi Tablet PC

Chuwi tablet PCs are of ultra-thin form with big displays topped up with retina screens. The screens are bright making the visibility more clear even in direct sunlight. Kilimall has a tablet for everyone even if you are not a tech guru. The devices are robust and durable covered with a thin all-metal shell. The selling point is the fast charge battery technology giving you an all-round user experience. Consider buying one of the Chuwi tablets here at an affordable price.

Colorfly Tablet PC

No one would have believed that a tablet can cost less than 10, 000Kshs, but here in Kilimall, we provide a home for affordable devices that can give you more than you can give back. Colorfly tablet PCs are an amazing Android gadgets that perform to your preference. They are capable of handling any official task and withstanding long hours of usage throughout the day. If you are looking for a surfing device, e-book, office tablet or a navigation PC, Colorfly tablet will offer all that at a budget friendly price.

Cube tablet PC is a good choice for you if you are looking for a popular brand that can give you both laptop and smartphone experience. The tablet provides a powerful function with a lot of fun emanating from its breathtaking specifications. They come in different sizes, and the price is much affordable. Cube tablet PCs are impressive in their design, and their performance is top-notch. Kilimall is here to give you a good offer to ensure you are always connected all the time.


At Kilimall, we strive to keep you connected and keep you on the know-how with robust devices that matches your lifestyle. Our tablets are original and of high-quality. Best thing of it all, they are affordable! Order your tablet and have it delivered right where you are.

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