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3 Simple ways to Make this the Best Mothers' Day

2018-08-14 05:57

One of the most important days in the calendar is here - Mothers' Day. The Day that should, actually, come every day! Why? Because a mother is the best person to anyone - an epitome of true, unconditional, unfiltered love and care. So, why not make this the best Mothers' Day ever! Here are some simple ideas.

1. Tell Her How Much You Care

The number 1 gift you can give your mother is telling her how much she means to you. Baas! Not even a car gift can replace that feeling. It doesn't need to be poetic or complicated. Simply wish her a happy Mother's Day, tell her you love her, and list a few reasons that you appreciate her so much.

Take some time to think about your favorite memories with your mom.

Find photos, souvenirs, and other mementos, if possible. On Mother’s Day, reminisce with your mom about those special moments. Tell her how much those memories have impacted your life, and make sure she knows that you value your time together.

Write/tell her personal, specific messages.

Think of your mom’s best qualities and think of all the things that she does for you. Instead of posting something generic like “Happy Mother’s Day,” on Facebook, try something like “Thank you for giving me that 50 bob to go to my friend's party when I was in Class 8” or “I love the delicious ugali you cook for us.”

Make her a video to show her how much she is loved.

There is a time my parents visited me in Nairobi and we spent three days visiting places. I made a simple video later with the photos takes and you know what? She shows that video to everyone! Do one, too. Post the video online, send it in your family WhatsApp group, and most importantly,  simply burn a CD and send it to her.

If you have good news to tell her, consider saving it for Mother's Day and let her be the firsts to know.

She will be a proud mom when you tell her about the exciting new job that you were just offered, or your new life-time partner. ;) Don't make the Mothers' Day about yourself, but tell her things that will make her proud to be a mother.

2. Surprise Her with a Gesture

Visit her.

If you don't live in the same area as your mom, consider surprising her with a Mother's Day visit if you can afford the trip. Do not tell her that you're going to come, simply show up at her door with her favorite treat.

Set the day aside to spend with her.

Time is the most precious thing and you should give the most precious gift on Mothers' Day. Take care of all your stuff before Sunday rolls around and spend the day hanging out with her, just talking about things and enjoying the love. She will appreciate the gesture, and she will love the chance to spend quality time with you.

Give her a call.

It may look simple, but life can get busy, and she will appreciate hearing from you. If you aren't living with her, and you can't pay her a visit for Mother's Day, surprise her with a phone call. Wish her a happy Mother's Day, tell her you love her, ask her how she's doing, and tell her what you're up to.  The simplest gestures can be the most powerful.

Help out around the house.

Simply tell her that you're going to do her chores for her that day. Do the things that she's been planning to do: fix the cowshed, do the laundry, clean the kitchen. Show your love with your actions!

3. Give her a Mothers' Day Gift

Buy her something that you know she's always wanted

, or find something that you know she will like. Try to buy something special that she wouldn't necessarily buy for herself. You don't need to break the bank with an expensive gold necklace. The important thing is that your gift is thoughtful and makes her feel appreciated.

Mothers' Day Kilimall

Here are some affordable Mothers' Day gift ideas from Kilimall starting from Sh. 99

Make her a gift.

If you draw, paint her a painting, if you write like me, write her a poem, or arrange photos of the two of you together into a collage or burn her a CD of her favourite music. You won't have to spend much money, and she will appreciate your gift all the more if you make it specifically for her. Don't be afraid to get creative. She brought you up to know things.

Make her a special Mothers' Day meal.

Cook her favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Consider waking her up for breakfast just like she always did. It is okay of you are not good in the kitchen, you will both have a good laugh about it - it is the gesture that matters. If you are that helpless, take her out for a meal.

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