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5 Shoes Every Lady Must Have

2018-08-14 05:57

Apart from the love for bags and diamonds, shoes are a woman, third love. Just like me, every lady finds a reason to have a new pair of shoe everytime they come across one even if they have too many in the closet and have not worn them. Back in the day if you got to watch Sex and the city the main character  Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) was best well known for her love for shoes she never clearly never had enough of shoes. I believe your shoes say a lot about you and so why not go the extra mile to get the best. Here is a list of a must  have  shoes that every lady must have:

  1. Heels

Every lady needs to have heels as they come in handy both for formal office wear and informal occasion after work activities. Anytime one wears heels it brings out the feminine side of you and makes you feel sexy.  As you buy the heels you need to get what you are comfortable in and not hurt your back or legs. At times you walk in town and you see a lady struggling and you are almost giving them your extra pair of shoe lest they fall in town. Wearing heels give a plus to your figure. 

ladies shoes kilimall heels

2. Boots

In Nairobi, you get to know the rainy season is here when most ladies have boots on which come in different color and design.  So why should you be left out behind as it is time to ditch the open shoes and get classy and stylish boots as you head to your day to day errands. Boots are a must have for every woman, though you must pick what works for your body whether it's knee length or mid.Boots look better when you wear with a well-fitting trouser.If you are going to pull the cowgirl look you might as well give the country girls a run for their money. 

Ladies shoes boots on kilimall

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3. Sandals

Sandals are more of casual wear and come in different varieties of shapes, They are colors and materials depending on what outfit you willThey area good substitute if you spent the whole day  in heels. 

Click to buy sandals from Kilimall ladies shoes

Click to buy sandals from Kilimall

4. Doll shoes

I  think these are the most comfortable shoes that have ever been invented and you  should always have them in your closet. They go well with khaki and linen pants and the best thing is that they come  in different designs so you can never fall short of what to get. 

Click to buy doll ladies shoes from KIlimall

Click to buy these doll shoes from Kilimall

5.Wedge Shoes

Wedge shoes are the best option if you are not into heels and are very comfortable and especially if you are going to be on your feet the whole day as they are foot- friendly. Wedge also give you the sexy look. Have as many different colors as you can. 

Click to buy these wedge shoes from Kilimall

Click to buy wedges from Kilimall Tips  when  buying shoes

  1. Consider the color of the shoe depending on the occasion and especially for the office choose black, gray and brown.
  2. The length of the heel matters a lot to avoid you straining your legs.
  3. Have a  variety of shoes to match different outfits.

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