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5 Types of Stylish Men Jackets to Beat the Rainy Season

2018-08-14 05:57

The rainy season is here! African weather is as unpredictable as ever - in fact, rainy and cold weather takes almost quarter of the year hence coats are one of the hardest working clothes in your wardrobe. Just like a suit, a coat makes you feel invincible. Rainy seasons beat down many people’s morale, but that shouldn’t be the case. One of the best things about rain and cold season is that you get to wear your stylish coat almost every day, but we advise people to always be stylish – that’s s dressing appropriately for the situation, and the weather. So what do we have in-store? And what do you need to know about our best rainy coats? Well, keep scrolling to see our top coat trends that you wear now and next rainy season.

  1.    Business Jacket
Business jackets for Men Kilimall Click to buy

 The perfect business jacket needs to have comfort and style. As much as it is meant to be presentable in a business setting, it is also a great option for the cold weather. A business jacket is built in a very anti-minimalist fashion with a beautiful design that fits men anywhere. The super bury together with the confidence-inspiring buttons to the thicker diameter, everything offers a premium and trustworthy feel. It’s one of the most budget-friendly business coats that will make you feel warm when walking down the local chilly streets. The coat is nice, trendy, and have a thick feel that can withstand substantial heavy rains and the wind. This business windbreaker jacket is just built to last. It also has thick fabrics that provide maximum warmth when the rainstorm is at par. In general, it’s tough and ideal for outdoor as well as everyday wear throughout the week. At such an affordable price I also got a water resistant main button zipper something that you can’t find with other rain high-end jackets.

  1.    Casual Bomber Jackets and Coats

Men casual bomber jackets Kilimall Click get one of these.

Earlier last year, Kilimall stocked the casual bomber jacket which is described as the lightest and breathable waterproof jacket available online. This amazing casual jacket is lightweight, packs down to nothing, and it’s designed squarely in mind. After testing it in the wet conditions of East Africa, I was surprised at just how waterproof this business jacket is (I literally stood under falling water and can confirm that the jacket is truly waterproof). Additionally, I found out that it does not absorb water so easily and therefore will not get heavier when rained on, a reality in the rain jacket world. The good side of this jacket is its quality and affordability. At only Ksh. 1,799 – very little money to spend for a durable rain jacket, particular if the materials are of high-quality and its lifespan is unlimited. A discounted price is what you pay for such phenomenal outstanding piece. Given its feature set, the men casual bomber jacket is for classy men who understands fashion and want to withstand the weather perfectly.

  1.    Outdoor Winter Fashion Outdoor Men Coats

Men fashion jackets Kilimall

Won't this look great on you?

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colours. There is no winter in Africa, but cold seasons do actually feel like winters, and this coat will come in handy if you are going outdoors and want to keep the style. First, looking at the fit, you will feel stylish – it is lightweight and perfectly comfortable. Second, the jacket has the most entry-level feel, and much more budget friendly. This particular khaki jacket, strikes one as very affordable based on the quality and feel, plus the result oriented performance during rain and cold seasons. It also comes with the main zipper, which offers a smooth action. In a nutshell, it's solid and reliable rain khaki jacket with hundreds of Kenyan happy customers to its name. The specifications are just what you need for daily use and the occasional mountaineering: adjustable fitting, two hands pocket and nice fitting jacket, and pit buttons. The outdoor khaki jacket sheds rain well, and it performed exemplary during our wet weather testing. Having tested its ultralight variant, the outdoor khaki jacket is the perfect fit for fast and light adventures. It’s a must have jacket before the rain season hits its peak. It appears at the top of our stylish men jackets for a reason, and unless you can find it elsewhere at a lower price, which you won’t, we recommend buying it right here at the amazing price of Ksh. 4,350.

  1.  Casual Turndown Collar Coat with Belt

Casual jackets for the rain Kilimall

The choice is yours!

Click to buy 

Closely related to the Outdoor Winter Coat above is this casual man’s coat with a turndown collar and a belt design.  If your goal is to stay super dry and still fly, this jacket keeps the rain off your face and neck, with a confidence cut that sheeted rain away better than any other jacket you have worn before. This is a jacket with almost 2.5 layers, designed to get rid of dirt and body oils from clogging the breathable layer. The inner layers make the jacket packable without reducing its inner rain resistance ability. The Joobox Khaki jacket has fully lined pockets which let moisture transfer in and out of your clothes. The fit is generous, hence making this jacket ideal for wearing when it gets cold. What’s more, it is made of cotton material, soft and comfortable, has super-size buttons which give it a classic feel, a large storage with oversized pockets for the things you want to keep dry and is so heavy, it is wind-resistant. If you are looking for a bargain to keep you dry throughout, get one of these Joobox khaki jackets which are now on Kilimall at an amazing price. It is available in a few colors so you can easily choose your preferred color for a fashionable look. Another thing – you won’t be needing to replace the jacket for a long time, these Joobox jackets can last very long.

  1.    Hooded Jacket

Slim Fit Men Jackets kilimall

Total protection.

Click to check it out.

This is probably the most choice for stylish rain jackets around. And for one major reason – they serve two purposes at the same time, keeping you warm and protecting you from elements like wind and rain. That is how they came to be known as wind-cheaters. In this jacket, you get exceedingly enough features and enough substantial fabric to use to and from work, and also be good to go for hiking and road trips. The performance is fit in heavy rain and wind conditions, particularly in between the equator of East African countries. It offers great breathability performance shells and it’s nice on price too. Thanks to advances in technology and particularly fabrics advances, there is growing fabric market on these kinds of jackets from the ultralight coats category. Incredibly durable and abrasion resistant, exceptional wind resistance and moisture management are what you get. With these high-performance attributes, this Hooded Jacket pushes the boundaries of fabric technology and engineering, allowing you to make the most of your lifestyles, whether urban or outdoor. Cost is another selling point as these coats go for less considering the quality that comes with it. Considering all factors, the performance matches perfectly its price. No other rain jacket offers great looks and rain protection from outside moisture that this slim fit raincoat. It offers excellent cord worthiness, durability, and functionality. It is available on Kilimall at an affordable price of Ksh. 4,450.


Figuring out which men fashion rain jacket is right for you is not an easy task as might seem at first glance. If you want to keep dry and at the same time look fashionable, features like ventilation have to come in handy to make a difference in day to day use. Our hope is that the above jacket tips and review have helped you narrow down to one or two rainy jackets that fit your situation. Kilimall works hard to bring on board great men’s fashion gears to help you make a better buying decision. Remember, when it comes to rain fashion, practicality should be your first priority. But even then, you have to remain fashionable and stylish!


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