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Style Up! A Guide to Original Casio Watches in Kenya

2018-08-14 05:57

We all know Casio, don't we? It is one of the most popular brands for watches worldwide because of their a proven track record of quality, affordability given their quality, history of innovation, and outstanding durability, even for people who put them under pressure. Thus, a Casio watch is essential gear for active men and women. They are ideal for your on-the-go lifestyle - whether you want stylish watches to wear daily, tough watches to wear while backpacking or water-resistant watches to wear to work. In fact, Casio has so many men's watches and women's watches that you may be wondering how to buy a Casio watch that matches your lifestyle. Style, function and special features can all be had with both men's Casio watches and women's Casio watches. To the good news - Original Casio watches are available in Kenya on Kilimall!

We have a whole shop dedicated to men (and women) who value class - with quality watches being at the top of any classy lifestyle. They are available in different styles for the different lifestyles we serve, at the best prices you will get in Kenya! So, today, we will look at the different watches available for you, no matter what you are looking for in a watch. I am pretty sure time is not all you need a watch for - You will be looking to make a bold fashion statement! Let's do this:  

1. The Classic Dress Casio Watches: For the Office

You've got the shoes, the cuff links and you've even had your hair cut, now you need to complement your outfit with an unfussy, elegant timepiece. Nothing beats Casio here. With elegant watches that will make everyone drool, you will be having this watch for a very very long time. So long you will get attached. What with battery durations of up to 10 years! Check some of them out. 

See more of these watches.

2. The Classic casual digital Casio watches - for the young and sporty.

Growing up, we saw lots of fake watches. The ones we wore in primary school - worth less than Sh. 100. I am sorry to break this down for you, but those were fake watches, most likely not made by Casio itself - there were rumors that it was manufactured by school kids in China. Two weeks and you had to buy another one. But let's face it, they looked good on us then. And back to good news, there are such, but original Casio watches. Get one of these and relive the past, this time for real.

See more of these watches.

3. And then the Ana-Digital Casio Watches - Best of Both Worlds!

I will admit it. I find it hard to read clock arms sometimes. No, I am not kinda stupid, it's just that I am too digital. And many of us are like that. Not only that, sometimes we lead different lives - the formal and the casual. This is where the ana-digital watches come in handy.  These hybrid analog and digital watches are the perfect adornments to any lifestyle. Infusing style with practicality, this Casio timepiece tells time accurately while providing essential functions that is styled in resin construction of analog and digital combination for that sporty appeal. They are also great for travelers - you can see the time in up to 2 time zones and the world time feature means you'll never have to guess how many hours difference it is between your location and home. dd in the stopwatch and time-splitter and you have the most multi-functional watch ever. 

See more of these watchesThere you have it! Whatever your lifestyle, get a quality Casio watch from the Chauham Watches and Clocks shop on Kilimall Kenya!

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