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How to apply for refund if the order completed but haven't received the order yet?

2019-01-04 16:57

 If the order is  in “completed” status and you confirmed that still not received the item, client can apply for after sale  .The seller will approve the application within 3 days and then  Kilimall will confirm the status,  client will receive the refund with 3 -7 working days after the approval.  

 If the seller failed to approve within 3 days, Kilimall will intervene and approve the application within 24 hours and the client will receive the refund within 3-7 working days from the day of approval.     

 How to process?

Clients can cancel the order using Kilimall APP. Order cancellation is only supported APP. 

Download APP from here if you don’t have

Or login to


STEP 1. Open Kilimall APP, login>Account> My Orders

STEP 2. Tap on “completed” > View the relative order> Tap on "Apply for Aftersale"

STEP 3.Choose the reason "Haven't received the order yet", and fill problem then Tap on “Submit”

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