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Ladies, #BeBoldWithKilimall and get your Dream Fulfilled

2018-08-14 05:57

The International Women's Day is here and  Kilimall  wants all the bold women out there to stand out and achieve their dreams! What are your dreams? What is preventing you from fulfilling them? We know women and girls have many dreams they wish to accomplish in life, for themselves, for the society and for the whole wide world. But it is true there are many challenges and fears:

Where will I get support?

Where will I get capital for this business idea?

What will other people think of me?

I don't have the strength to run, so how will I get the body I desire?

How can I possibly keep my family comfortable?

I want to be an engineer but they will say that's not for me!

  Well, this International Women's Day Kilimall wants you to Be Bold, Be You! Whether you are a professional woman, a student in college, a family woman or just a woman who wants to keep her body in good shape - within you lies the potential to achieve anything you want in life. That dream can become a reality! That wish can be fulfilled! All it takes is for you to stand up and Be Bold, Be You! And we are here to help fulfill some of these dreams. How? We want you to show us and the world your dream, whatever it is and we will help you fulfill it! 


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