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MALL> Electronics & Appliances> Household Appliances> Blenders, Grinders & Juicers

Health is the main focus in the 21st century, and Kilimall is working towards making it a success by selling juicers, blenders, and grinders at super affordable prices. The main difference between a juicer and a blender is in the end results. A juicer separates the fluid from the fiber giving only the juice as an end result. A blender concocts the whole fruit or vegetable to give out a thick fluid that has the juice and the fiber. On the other hand, a grinder is used for grinding some of the kitchen items that one may have. Getting a package that can offer the three is the best as it saves money and space in your kitchen. There are different brands that one can choose from as discussed below.


SKG is a globally renowned brand that makes some of the best blenders and juicers as well as juice extractors. Most of the SKG products are affordable and efficient in extracting juice to the user's satisfaction. Notably is the wide-mouth juice extractors that save time as well as the fact they are easy to use. For people without the time to cut fruits into small pieces before feeding them in a juicer or blender, the best alternative is a juice extractor that one can put a full apple and extract the juice easily. SKG juicers, blenders and juice extractors come with a warranty in most cases which is useful for the user in case the machine does not function as it is supposed to. SKG products are easy to clean, unlike most juice extractors.


Princess is a brand that mainly deals in the manufacture of blenders and juicers. It has some of the best choice smoothie makers which are designed to fit different occasions and needs. Princess has a large collection of juicers that allow for making little volumes of juice for personal use or large volumes for a higher number of people. Saving energy is one of the goals that princess products aim at, and as such, the user will not have a huge electricity bill to pay. They also happen to be efficient in terms of their juice output. Princess products come in various storage sizes which give you the freedom to select the size that would be ideal for you. Kilimall offers the best deals at affordable prices.

Von Hot point

Hot point is a household name in Kenya that has gained popularity over the years due to the large selection of electronics that it deals with. It also deals with household products that make your kitchen better. Hotpoint has a wide range of blenders, juicers, and grinders that one can take home. The material used to make Hotpoint is toughened to enhance durability. The jar blades in the blenders are made of stainless steel which is a guarantee that they will not rust at any point. With Hotpoint, you can either buy a juicer, a blender or a package that can blend, juice and even grind.


Armco is the leading maker of the best electronics in Kenya. It is a brand that has a wide range of Blenders, Juicers and grinders which have different specifications, and different prices. This allows the user to buy a product that is within their budget range. The most notable aspect of Armco products is that they are made of an unbreakable material which translates to durability. Speed is a point of focus and Armco has blenders, juicers, and grinders that work with the ideal speed. Armco products are easy to clean unlike what you get from most brands. Their products have various features that make usage easy and efficient.


It is without a doubt that blenders and juicers are the only way that most people can manage to add some spice to healthy eating. Kilimall makes it possible for most people to own these products at affordable prices. Quality is a guarantee with all the goods that one gets at Kilimall and as such one is guaranteed that the quality is not compromised. Kilimall deals with products from the most recognized brands that have been tried and tested and which have been proved to be good.

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