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2018-08-14 05:57

Ever been so angry at missing out an opportunity for something you have wanted to attend for a long time, and you wonder how that would happen. So for the last couple of weeks, there is an expo  I  wanted to attend for so long but it was over before I could get to it. Last week President Uhuru Kenyatta visited the EPZ sale that happened at Kenyatta International Convention Centre. The initiative is meant to accord Kenyans an opportunity to access quality, locally made affordable clothes which are a  good opportunity for customers. The place was so full that one had to get there as early as possible to get the best of the product. This was the first domestic sale in Kenya and maybe will get to have more of such sales in the future. But don't worry if you missed out the opportunity to go to the expo and shove with everyone now

EPZ  has a shop at Kilimall through Alladin

We all know Alladin, right? The best part you get as many varieties as you can and at the same affordable price as during the expo so why not spare some time and visit the shop and you get to avoid all the shoving.They specialize in clothes for both genders and also for different ages.

What's more, there is a 50% Discount on Kilimall right now!

Some of the products  to check out include:

1.Trendy shorts

 Is it only me who feels at times the weather is too hot and you want to dress in as few clothes as you can?#MyDressMyChoice.  

But also you don't want to look trashy so why not go for this trendy shorts as they are cool and affordable. My thoughts  if you have something  good why not show off and  if you have good legs show them off:) and you can  have a variety  of colors and designs, this  always goes  with  a good  pair of All star  shoes  which you can also get in Kilimall  or if you choose the white short which goes well with sandals. Shorts are good for a casual  Saturday.


 Take advantage of wearing dresses before the rainy season and show off your feminine side. You can get short and long dresses according to your preferences. There is just something about dresses they always bring out the princess in every lady so why not get more dresses.
Though if you prefer skirts they are also available both official and casual depending on the occasion.

3. Waterfalls

I know this is a  must have for all ladies, comes in very handy especially if you are not so sure about the weather during the day if you can pick different colors. Anytime I would pick for black as it works well with any attire though the shop (  has different colors i.e  White, Navy blue, carbon grey, grey, white and mulberry. You get the waterfall on a discount, you get to save ksh 999.

4.Polo Shirt

 Looking for polo shirts for  Friday or the weekend to break from the usual suits why not buy polo shirts which go well with jeans and khaki pants which are available at Kilimall at an affordable price.

5. Denim Shirts

Denim shirts are still popular for anyone who understands their fashion sense, and if you are one of them, you definitely love to wear them. The best part is that you can wear them in different ways and they are perfect for both formal and casual occasions. 

6. Poncho

The short rains are almost here so why not get yourself warm way ahead of time. The poncho of late has become a fashion statement and it is a must have so why not buy it. The poncho will serve you best and especially in the morning and if you have a late night after work. Currently,  it only comes in white.

7. Kids clothes

 In town, they are kids who are dressed so well that you literally want to take home them, too bad you can. So at the shop, the kids have not been left behind, as there is so much for you to get them and they are affordable and trendy.
 This year  Kilimall plans to give a platform to local businesses and entrepreneurs to promote local brands. Go out and check out all the best products that are on offer and let's promote our local brands.
Hurry while stocks last.

Buy Fashion & Beauty Online

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