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MALL> Computers & Tablets> Peripherals & Accessories> Cleaning Equipment & Kits

Cleaning is an activity that is done on a daily basis at homes. One should thus consider getting efficient household cleaning tools that can accomplish the tasks fast and easily. Interestingly, cleaning a house may seem more complicated than one would want to think. There are various places at homes that need different types of equipment to accomplish the tasks. I will give you a list of cleaning tools that you get at Kilimall to avoid cleaning your house with the wrong items. Kilimall offers a wide range of household cleaning tools for the various places in our homes;


Kitchen cleaning tools at Kilimall are numerous, and some of the tools that you get are; disposable breakpoint cleaning clothes that are perfect when drying surfaces or wet dishes. They save time as they can always be disposed of once they are used. You also get plungers that come in different colors and sizes which come in handy when unblocking the kitchen sink. Kilimall offers candy-colored bath stoppers for your kitchen. Other kitchen cleaning tools that you get are, colorful trash cans to keep your kitchen clean, kitchen brushes and sponges to assist in cleaning the kitchen surfaces.

Floor cleaning tools

This is probably one of the areas that you get most of the cleaning tools at kilimall. Some of the equipment that you get with Kilimall are; vacuum cleaners that are important when cleaning the floor carpets. Most of them are affordable, and you get others which are portable. There are different types of cleaning brushes that one gets at Kilimall and which are efficient in cleaning the floor. Squeegees are some of the tools that you get for cleaning your floor, and you get some them at different prices and sizes.

Toilet cleaning tools

The toilet needs proper care to avoid foul smell that may result if cleaning is not conducted appropriately. As such, Kilimall has ensured that it gives you the best of toilet cleaning tools for the best experience. Some of the things that you get are; toilet brushes that come in different sizes and different holders depending on what you may want to use. Plungers are also part of the things that you get and they are designed in different shapes and colors that make them look great despite of the work that they do. All the toilet cleaning tools that you get at Kilimall come at a discounted price.


Kilimall has a large variety of items that you can use to get the laundry done, among some of the things that you get are, washing machines from some of the leading brands. The washing machines come at discounted prices that are lower than what you would get in any other store in Kenya. You also get laundry balls that make your clothes have a great smell after cleaning. Laundry bags are some of the things that you get at Kilimall with Kilimall, and they come in different and amazing colors.


Kilimall gives you all the cleaning items that you may want including aquarium cleaning equipment that makes it possible for one to keep the aquarium clean at all times. You also get affordable buckets which are useful in various cleaning functions such as mopping and can also be used for other purposes such as watering a kitchen garden. Getting the right cleaning equipment is the key to having a good and cozy house. Kilimall has a wide range of cleaning tools that cover every sector of your house to ensure that cleanliness is maintained in your home.

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