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Coffee Espresso Machines

Coffee lovers have never had it so good. The coffee technology is now here in Kenya courtesy of Kilimall, and now you can turn your kitchen into a coffee espresso restaurant and let the hot brewed cup fill your home with a sweet coffee smell. Kilimall’s collection of coffee machines fits everyone, whether you are looking for a simple, affordable coffee maker or a top engineered coffee machine, there is always the best for you. There are a variety of coffee machines, pump espresso makers, and automatic coffee machines and includes models from the best manufacturers in Kenya. Check out some of the brands we have on board:

Deleisure Automatic Coffee Machines

If it’s an instant machine you are after, Deleisure is one of the leading coffee brands in Kenya currently. At Kilimall, we have got plenty of them and can brew more cups of sweet coffee. The Deleisure automatic coffee machines should be your choice! The features are the best for the coffee lovers out there. You can comfortably choose how strong you want your coffee to be since the machines offer strength settings. There are different sizes available to brew a family size 10 cups of coffee or just 2-5 cups for less. The best feature that you will love most is the high-temperature settings; you can keep your coffee warm for hours. Go through the models available from this brand and get the service that you have been missing in your kitchen or workplace.

Merol Coffee Makers Machines

Merol brand does a good job when it comes to coffee making; it can prepare tasty coffee either for a solo enjoyment or for every one of the family. You have all the freedom to decide the right volume of coffee you want to brew to kick-start your day. These coffee makers from Merol also offers amazing features like you can choose either the regular or the bold flavor settings. Other useful features include auto shut-off, pause-and-serve and keep warm letting the coffee lovers enjoy a quick cup of coffee anytime of the day. Kilimall always prides itself with quality products that will improve the quality of life, choose Merol coffee makers machines and make coffee your best drink.

Seth Coffee Makers Machines

Seth coffee makers machines have been in existence for years now in the restaurant industry. You can now find them here in Kilimall if you are looking for a perfect coffee brewing machine for your home. The machines can brew from 5 cups to 10 cups depending on the size of the machine you choose above. Seth coffee makers are fast and brews coffee in no time. Also, their designs are beautiful and stir the coffee evenly hence extracting perfect flavor for you and your family. If you need your coffee in 3-5 minutes, Seth coffee machines are the best fit for you.

Von Hotpoint Coffee Maker Machines

Here is Kilimall’s no.1 best-sold coffee machine in Kenya. The family-sized coffee makers are on board and come with favorable prices for all. The designs are sleek and portable to match with your kitchen. They come with great features to choose from, like the pause-serve and the brew strength function which will make you see the need to have more coffee. The Hotpoint coffee machines are easy to use hence making the coffee brewing fun and exciting thing to do. If you don’t want to spend much on a coffee maker, Hotpoint coffee machine is the best you can get.

Our top coffee maker brand is impressive and offers a lot of conveniences when it comes to coffee brewing. Check out our incredible range of top brands and discover how fun it is to have the best coffee espresso machines. Enjoy hot and sweet coffee with Kilimall today.

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