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MALL> Sports & Outdoor> Fitness> Exercise Mats

High quality exercise mats

Exercise mats are a must have for individuals who prefer indoor exercises such as Yoga. They are important when it comes to floor based strength workouts such as sit-ups, Pilates etc. Kilimall has exercise mats that come in different sizes for various workouts. The mats are portable as they can be easily rolled up and carried from one place to another. Working out on the floor is uncomfortable thus the need of an exercise mat. The mat preference differs from one individual to the other but the good thing is that we have everything that one may need. Some of the mats that you get include;

Yoga exercise mats

Yoga mats are designed in such a way that they can be carried from one place to the other. They are thin enough which makes rolling them up an easy task. Yoga mats are longer which ensures that the whole body length fits on the mat. The mats are tacky which makes the hands and feet firm on the mat preventing them from constant slipping. This is important as one does not get any hindrance while they are carrying out their exercise. You can get one of the Yoga mats at a lower price than what you would get in any other store in Kenya.

Pilates exercise mats

Pilates mats are short and thick unlike Yoga mats. They are appropriate for people who would prefer a little bit of cushion while they are working out. They are thick to offer the support that the body may need during a workout. Unlike Yoga, Pilates involves rolling of the body and thus a thin mat would result in injuries. You will realize that Pilates mats are less portable than Yoga mats and are thus important for people who prefer working out indoors.

General exercise mats

General exercise mats are not made with a specific workout in mind; rather, they are made to accommodate a wide range of workouts. With such mats, one gets to choose the kind of thickness that they would want depending on the workout they are likely to carry out. The good thing with a general fitness mat is the fact that it accommodates various exercises and one can buy one for multipurpose use.


A fitness mat can either be used at home or even at the gym. Most of these mats are portable and those that are not can easily be transported by a vehicle which makes it possible for one to work out even while away from home. We offer a wide variety of mats that come at an affordable price making Kilimall the most affordable place to shop for any sports gear.

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