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Outdoor Lanterns and flashlights

When camping or even hiking, you will need a flashlight to shed some light at night. It is not always that you will have a bright moon overhead. You thus need to have a good flashlight, one that can serve you throughout the night and one that produces a lot of light. We have a vast variety of outdoor flashlight and lanterns that can be used while outdoors. While a flashlight requires one to hold it, a lantern is simply placed in a central position and illuminates a given area. They are all affordable and come at a cheaper price than what you get in most shops in the country. You will get to choose the one which is most appropriate depending on the number of days that you want to take out, the kind of energy it uses and the size. Below are some of the characteristics that our flashlight and lanterns have;

Battery type

We have several flashlights that make use of different types of energy. You get to choose the one that works best with you. Some flashlights come with disposable battery types. These batteries can be replaced once they have been used up. You will be required to carry extra batteries if you are camping for more days. We also offer flashlights that are rechargeable, just like our phones; this type requires that you keep on recharging them to keep the flashlight powered up. You may need to have a secondary source of energy such as a power bank for you not to stay in the dark. You can also settle for a flashlight that uses renewable energy. They mainly make use of solar energy which is available throughout the year in Kenya. All the three types give sufficient lighting and are durable. Most lanterns are solar powered and are not as complicated.

Flashlights and Lanterns sizes

We have flashlights that come in different sizes and weight. You get to choose the size that is ideal for you. In most cases, the bag that you have determines the size of the torch that you will carry. Most of our torches are lightweight to ensure that they don’t become a burden to a camper and that they don’t give additional weight to you. You can settle for more than one flashlight while on an outdoor activity. The same case applies to lanterns as one can select the most appropriate size depending on the area that they would want to illuminate.


The shape of a flashlight is an important consideration as it determines the space it occupies on your bag as well as how it can be carried. We have flashlights that come in different shapes ranging from cylindrical shapes, square shapes, long ones and others that are shorter. They all offer good lighting to the user with the main difference being the shape. You can settle for the one that most suits you with your storage space being an important consideration. You also get lanterns that come in various shapes. Lanterns are able to illuminate a large area and can be used in large tents as one does not need to keep on holding them.


Light is an important necessity when one is camping, hiking, or having any other outdoor activity. We offer flashlights and lanterns at affordable prices that are accessible to most people in the country. Our products are high quality, durable and have the best performance. Make your order today and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

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