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Holidays in Kenya – Get Totally Free Christmas Gift at Kilimall Christmas

2018-12-10 05:32

The public holiday in Kenya – Christmas (25th) is at the corner, as one of the most important festival for family, Are you ready for it? After the Black Friday shopping, we will introduce you two great ways to get or make your dream and meaningful products Christmas gift for free.

christmas in kenya

Two ways to get free Christmas gifts

  • Method one: DIY Christmas Card

In some degree, do the Christmas gift by yourself will be the most meaningful, if you do not have enough money to buy a gift.

Sometimes, a specific Christmas card with your sincerely words can express your emotion well.

Christmas card

How to make your own Christmas gift card for your family and friends:

  • 1. Add your family or friend’s picture on the surface, or you can even draw some interesting things on it.
  • 2. Write the words you want to say as the content.
  • Notes: for the pattern on the card, if you have cutting machine, the Christmas cutting die can help to decorate the Christmas card well.

    cutting die

    • Method two: Bargain at Kilimall & Get it Free

    At many online shopping websites, they will do many great activities to attract customers. Recently, I find the Kilimall – one African online shopping mall has a bargain activity, in this activity, you can get your dream product with free by bargain it. You can take part in this activity at Kilimall online from Dec 1st to Dec 25th. Here’s how it works:

    kilimall bargain

    Step one: Choose the product you want at kilimall bargain and get it free at Kilimall bargain page All the products shows on the bargain pages, such as mobile phone, TV, car, earphone, cloth… can bargain.

    Step two: share with your friends to bargain it for free.


  • 1. you can invite your friends to help you through the Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and even show the link address. 
  • 2. Please complete the bargain before the deadline, or the bargain will not be success.
  • Step three: Get at 0 KSH and free delivery. When you join the bargain activity, you need to add your address firstly, make sure all the information is correctly.

    If the final price of the product you bargain is 0 ksh before the deadline, then you can get it with free delivery, no fee at the whole progress.

    • Is the bargain activity truly?

    Kilimall is one of Kenya’s best and largest online shopping malls, as well as in African. Kilimall was founded in 2014 and choose as the most popular online shopping website in 2017. So all the activities at the official website is truly. What’s more, the bargain activity had great effect on Black Friday, there are almost hundreds of people get the their dreamed product for free.

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