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Get Men Fashion Right: The Things you Need

2018-08-14 05:57

Everyday fashion keeps changing and you need to keep up with the trends. Especially for the menswear it's ruled by tradition, authenticity, and detail. Two things you cannot be taught and that is style and desire and as a man, you should always get that right. I look at the key items that you need to get right no matter your profession.


If you are the kind of person who gets your suit off the shelf then you know that at times you can get disappointed either they fit the waist but are too short or vice versa and would need to visit the tailor so that you look dapper. So if you a tailor who can do it better why not go to him. When choosing a suit you need to choose one that matches with the function (are you going to the office, gray for an outdoor event or red carpet event). A decent pair of your pants should cover your socks at all times. As you purchase the suit you need to know whether the jacket is a no vent, single vent or double vent, know what you prefer and know why. If you choose the no vent and single vent it will maintain the shape of the jacket though at the expense of mobility. The double vent increases mobility and is recommended for big and tall individuals. The recommendation you can never go wrong with a black suit as it is stylish and pair it with a white shirt and black tie. No matter what kind of suit you choose to have it ought to be comfortable to you.


Click to get the best men ties from Kilimall Always have the basic colors in your closet: black, gray, red and blue. The best thing when it comes to ties you can never go wrong with colors so go ahead show off your favorite colors. The width of your tie and your suit lapel should be proportionate. The tie should hang right at the belt line and not above or below it, you don’t want to look like you are in high school and there is a girl from your sister school that you want to impress.

Men Shoes Guide

Shoes maketh the man

Every time I meet someone new the first thing I look at is their shoes, (or does that happen to me alone?And it is a no for dirty shoes. Every shoe matches a different kind of outfit and the occasion. Whether you use shoes as your fashion statement or not they will always be the most important attire that you will wear. Shoes say a lot about men. Some of the shoes that are a must-have for any man included:


A must have in your closet for formal occasions, business meetings, interviews and regular days in the office.          


Loafers   border   between casual and formal. Some come with tassels, some come with tassels, buckles and others are   just plain leather. Are very comfortable and no need to think of wearing with socks though if you need to then black socks will do. Perfect for a Friday or a weekend event.      


Boots are  a  must have, guys... they give you a  classy look and makes a fashion statement.  Comes in handy during the cold season. Ensure you get both brown and black pair to match different outfits.    


Sneakers come in handy when you want to go casual with a pair of jeans or shorts.        


Michael Jackson was the only person who could pull wearing white socks for 7 days and still look good in them but the office is no place for you to wear white socks. The latest trend is the happy socks which I am in love with anyone who rocks them. Your socks should match your outfit and let them be clean.


If you are not 10 years old or allergic to metallic things on your   hand avoid the plastic watch.  A watch has become  more  than just a simple way to track  time but a statement you make on your   fashion sense. The watch is an extension of your  identity so you ought to choose wisely.    


The belt is all about holding your pants. The belt that you wear is meant to match the color of shoes with an exception when you have white shoes, to get the best look then choose a black belt. And don't forget it - I am yet to understand why some men would choose not to wear a belt.       Key things to remember when choosing a belt

  • Style - The belt and pants should match formally.
  • Colour - The belt and shoes should be of the same color.
  • Material - The belt material should match the shoe material

  One last thing... Cologne!  You have to smell good and cologne is ideal for the workplace, a party or even a date. Always make sure you choose a scent that appeals to you and works well with your body. Men scents should not be strong.

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