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Get Ready for the Kilimall 3rd Anniversary Party

2018-08-14 05:57

Three years ago, a young man noticed two things in the country: One, more and more Kenyans were embracing technology and two, most products that Kenyans needed were prohibitively expensive. So, he started seeking for ways to use technology to enable Kenyans afford the lifestyle they deserves. And that’s how Kilimall was born in June 2014, by Yang Tao.

In these three years, the growth has been tremendous, powered by masses of customers who buy from Kilimall again and again, then tell their friends and families to also buy again and again. What started in the mind of one person, into a small room, has grown into a whole organisation with hundreds of employees in 5 different cities.

Kilimall has since expanded into Uganda and Nigeria, with plans at advanced stages to expand into 3 more countries in the coming months. We have the largest variety of products across all categories in Kenya… available both locally in the largest eCommerce warehouse around, and overseas through Global Shopping.

Hundreds of vendors, including some the largest local and international brands have trusted us to boost their revenue by selling their products on the Kilimall platform, and many more are still coming in.

There have been changes, all for the better, all driven by feedback from our customers, vendors and other stakeholders… we have been constantly improving and will continue improving. Customer service is better, the website is easier to use, and the Kilimall App gets cutting edge features with every new version.

In the meantime, we will be having a party! A huge Anniversary party lasting several days to celebrate all these achievements, and you, our customer, are invited as the Guest of Honour.

And like in all parties, there’s going to be treats and gifts.

Be ready!

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