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Going Green all the way

2018-08-14 05:57

Kilimall on the 19th May joined Kilimani Project foundation  for tree planting activity,the tree planting took  place at Olenguruone Road as from 9:30 AM  which was a quite a refreshing activity away from the office. The Kilimani Project Foundation is all about Kilimanians.Driven by the vision of all who work,live and pass through Kilimani having the experience of community  as being vibrantly alive and the responsibility of all.The #Grey2GreenKe project  aims at planting 2000 trees in Kilimani,Kileleshwa and Lavington in a bid to conserve and beautify  the environment. As always picture speak more  than words Kilimall Team and Duncan Miheso (Nairobi City County) The  Kilimall team joined by  Duncan Miheso Chief Environmental Officer (SWM) from Nairobi City County as they got to the grounds for tree planting.   Cornelly Omondi and Duncan Miheso And the whole team got  busy  to the events of the day

Then it was time for the people to get their hands dirty and  do what  brought them here. And per the observation they seemed to know what they were doing. Our latest addition to the Kilimall Family  Ronny  also joined us for the tree planting and from the look of things she was eager to learn and maybe when she  goes back to her country she might share the knowledge she got . Ronny Chong and Ann Kendi (SNS Team) And by the look of things she was happy with the work of her hands.

So as we were busy planting trees ,some Kilimall staff  had to get back online to attend to one of the customers, as we are customer oriented and  always respond to the customer first Jesse ( Training Manager) and Julie (Quality Assurance Specialist) Ibrahim while he is not busy on the SNS  platform on kilimall clearly he can make a good farmer Ibrahim ( SNS Team) and Constant ( Growth Africa)[/caption] There is nothing as refreshing as meeting  someone who is kind and willing to help and especially with the crazy  Nairobi life where most people are self centered. This guy at the car wash was kind enough to help Martha clean her shoes when things got too muddy.

 And   definitely we had to take a picture with the  whole team that  made the day such a success.

 And   here  are some perfect shots  that we got for the day   As  always looking forward to another  project like this in an effort to making our city better.

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