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Smell Right: Good Perfume and Fragrance Behaviour

2018-08-14 05:57

Just like fashion, the trends of perfume and fragrance change every time. What is trending today maybe garbage tomorrow though it has a  never ending cycle and it might come after a  few years or decade.  Of course, some trends stick about and the lucky ones land one that never runs out of flavor. For example,  Oud (has a strong,  musky and almost animalistic in its sensuality) is one such trend – a style that has stuck around for so long now, and in so many guises, that it’s arguably the newest olfactory family. When it's time to choose and apply a fragrance needs and you need to get it right. Fragrances evoke memories and are representative of who you are. For men, your natural scent will not always be a complete turn on for women.  The occasion that you are intending to attend determines the fragrance that you will pick. So how do you keep your fragrance behavior in check? We sniff out the answers when you keep reading.

 1. How do you pick a scent that works for you?

Most of us have the habit of buying a fragrance just because it smells good on your friend. That doesn't mean it will work well with you! Before you get any perfume do some research, familiarize yourself the different scents that work for you before you settle on the preferred.

2. Where should you spray yourself?

Fact: Wrists, inside your elbows, nape of your neck should be the places you concentrate your fragrance on!  The body is able to diffuse the scent and the fragrance ain't that overwhelming and the people around you are not uncomfortable. (Avoid  spraying on your clothes as that  might  leave a permanent  watermark) 

The neck is a nice place to spray your perfume

3. How much should you apply?

If you spray too little, everyone the scent is completely missed and spray too much and give everyone within a  migraine (well, that has  surely happened many if us in a PSVs and it's worse if you are stuck in traffic or you are forced to hold your breath every time your colleague walks past your desk).

4. How often should you reapply?

At times you are tempted to reapply, but depending on the strength and depth of your fragrance in the morning should be enough to last the whole day. But if you have plans in the evening, then you can spray a quick mist on your neck.

5. Consider the season and time of day when choosing a perfume.

Early morning fragrances should be light while in the evening it can be heavy depending on your occasion. A  floral scent will seem out of place on a cold day but perfect for a  hot day.




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