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MALL> Beauty & Hair> Hair> Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are artificial integrations and comes in different types. They flood our market in varying flavors and you can always find your preference. Here at Kilimall, you will find various types of weaves and all of them are original. They range from Brazilian Remy, mike hair weave and Indian Remy hair among others. When you think of buying any kind of hair weave, you can always find out our amazing deals and walk away with your favorite model.

Great Beauty Hair Weave

As the name suggests, Great Beauty hair weave has a natural attraction and a loose flowing outline. It is very catchy and if you put it on, you will experience a deep sense of femininity. Getting such a loosely styled hair weave is often a challenge, but it is now available here at Kilimall at a very convenient price. This hair looks highly natural with good gleam that hardly fades with time or when exposed to heat. Great Beauty hair weave will also give you an opportunity to blend with specific type of textures, alter curls and texture. This hair may demand a particular upkeep technique for it to last long.


If you want an affordable weave hair, then this is it. It is among the most affordable hair you will find here at Kilimall but also has a lot to offer to you. This hair is of good quality with a magical attraction, designed to up the quotient of beauty with just a step. This means that this hair is highly simple to maintain and its application mode is also among the easiest. If you believe you can have a shortcut to refurbishing the status of your head in a simple, cheap but attractive way, then the Fenghua hair will give you that privilege.

Admire Hump

Admire Hump hair provides different colors and designs. It also employs different materials from its manufacture. The hair design dominates the head only without flowing to the neck. It is also very convenient because it does not involve a lot if strain when installing. It’s that type of hair you can consider if you want to enjoy maximum ease of application, removal and maintenance. Admire Hump hair is also strong meaning that it hardly deform or lose its structure under any circumstance.


MIKE hair weave comes with its own curls. The twists appear highly natural and also possess an aspect of permanence. This means that the curls will last long and they don’t disappear with time. They also minimize your efforts of trying to achieve different styles with it. So it provides to you an established design and color. You can enjoy the rosy and lively appearance that comes with the MIKE hair weave all the time. There is always a reason why so many ladies insist on putting on this type of hair. No one may be able to define its reality as it looks natural, beautiful and classy. It will always give you a unique pride.

Brazilian Remy

The Brazilian 100% pure Remy hair is among the brands highly sought in Kenya. This is because our Brazilian hair offers what most ladies consider as impressive look and versatility of handling. This hair is highly convenient to use because it allows you to mold curls of your own preference and attain other designs with simplicity. The hair is highly soft and easy to deal with. It is among the best hair to maintain as it naturally supportive by ensuring that it does not easily succumb to hair stressors. It is shedding resistant making it among the most resilient type of Remy hair.

Indian Remy

The Indian Remy is among the most popular type of human hair extensions. The Remy Indian traces its origin from natural hair obtained from donors and then undergoes various chemical treatments and blending to come up with different designs and textures. The Indian Remy is one the types of hair that offers you good density hence you do not require many bundles to have your head filled with hair. This type of hair is also adorable because it is relatively cheaper than Brazilian Remy, easier to maintain and is also highly enduring.

Why buy at Kilimall

Kilimall offers you wide variety of hair weaves than no other place. Here you will find plenty of types as those described above. They have been classified accordingly and it is easier to find them according to the categories. For instance you will find the hair weaves, synthetic hair and other types in their respective categories. It is much easier to know what you are buying and also easy to find it. Searching helps you to find it faster and when you type the name of the category, they will all be displayed. You will see detailed information about the specific type of hair you want to explore including high quality pictures of the same.You can therefore take your time to look at them before making you final decision.

We offer fast delivery of all your products anywhere in Kenya. Our riders will bring your product right at your doorstep. Trust Kilimall for all your hair needs and you will never get disappointed. Ours is to connect you with the manufactures to make sure you don’t incur extra costs from middle men dealers.

Choose from the wide pool of categories and find the hair that best fits your lifestyle. We usually offer different discounts from time to time, its then wise to keep on the look since you never know when it’s you. Look beautiful and presentable among your peers with our high-quality weaves; they are classic and affordable at the same time.

It is also rewarding that prices here at Kilimall are much lower than anywhere else. As you enjoy massive variety of hair available with us, also take advantage of our low prices. You will always have a reason to smile at the end of your purchase.

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