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Stuck? Here are the best Valentines Gift Ideas for your Man

2019-01-09 12:57

Valentine’s Day is almost here and everyone is on the hunt to get the perfect gift. When it comes to Valentines Day it is not one of those days men look forward to as they are required to spend a lot in flowers, chocolate, dinner on their lady and make her feel extra special. When you are shopping for your spouse its supposed to be easy since you are supposed to know that person better than anyone else and no matter how simple or small it is, it's the thought that counts. The gift that you pick depends  on the stage  of the relationship to avoid scaring the partner. On this valentine, Kilimall  has decided to give you choices of what gifts to buy for your man in order for him to also enjoy  and appreciate the day. You can get the

Discounted Valentine Gift Ideas for Him here

Kilimall Valentines Gift ideas for men



Because shoes maketh the man

Most times a man is judged by the kind of shoes that he wears, there is something just about good shoes that make a man all grown up. Get your man shoes that make him stand out and give his outfit a classy touch. With this pair of shoes, he will enjoy the perfect mix of modern shoes which are quite durable.  


Because a man has to smell right

There is nothing that says romance like a nice cologne that says you get your man and it sends a romantic message.Yah   I know there is that time when his natural scent is a  turn on but you also need to make him have a  unique smell. When choosing cologne consider whether he is an indoor or outdoor person. Remember, a man's cologne MUST NEVER get into a room before him. Make it very mild.   

Boxer  Briefs

Because they are functional, and sexy

If he is going to get you lingerie why not get give him a  treat, replace his worn out briefs with something new which is appealing. Because if you don't, he will keep the old ones and you will be so pissed. You can also choose to have personalised boxers, personalised with your name and sealed with a  kiss.   


Because watches complete the man

A watch is a  truly timeless accessory and it just doesn't  tell the time, An elegant tells about the person wearing it and what's importaAn elegant timepiece makes a perfect and personal gift for your man. Take time as you search for this piece of accessory if you can get one that matches with his outfit preferably brown or black that would be perfect to match his outfit.   


Because; money, money, moneeey!

You need to understand the needs of your man whether he is more of an indoor person or outdoor since wallet needs are going to be different.All men love a   good wallet, go with the best leather wallet and make him a very happy man.


Shave Set

Because your man has to be well groomed


Some men grow beards specifically to appeal to the opposite sex while others just to keep them as a  matter of preference. Whatever your man prefers to get him a shave set.      


Because it is the male equivalent of a statement earring

Men love  their gadgets and would not anyone messing up with that... headphones rank at the top. Sometimes  they  just want to  listen to  music or watch a movie in their own comfort zone why not get him headphones which he will appreciate that at times you understand at times he needs that  time

Some  additional gifts you   can  get for  your  man  depending  on his  personality

  • Personalised jersey of his favourite team - because a man and his football are inseparable.
  • Books - keep your man informed and smart.
  • Video games- if you want to keep your man indoors, and have te TV to yourself. :)

Remind your man it's Valentines with a thoughtful gift!

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