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MALL> Home & Living> Lighting & Home Improvement> Hardware

Home hardware comes in many shapes and forms. Regardless of your personal style, you will be able to find a set that matches both your tastes and the look of the room, as well as the functional purposes you need the hardware to serve, such as a stout lock for an exterior door. There are certainly plenty of plain and utilitarian styles out there, but what you want to do is look for something that will add character to your home. If you start thinking of your home hardware as jewelry for your house, then you will be off on the right foot.

You can find home hardware and fittings in a wide variety of styles and designs. Brass products comprise of several items such as cabinets, doors, curtain rods, windows, hinges, door knobs, lights, and door catchers, latches, and knockers. Brass fittings are available in polished and ornate finishing which looks elegant and classy at the same time.

You can find brass fittings in modern and old fashioned styles for your home here in Kilimall. You can find complete hardware and fittings in brass material for the outside and the inner portion of your home. You can even put a similar theme of brass starting from doors to windows and cabinets, lights and other minor accessories.

Home Hardware Tools

Every home, no matter how new, needs small repairs now and again. For new homeowners, Kilimall has some of the best hardware tools needed to get the job done. The hardware category is so full of great options, browsing the aisles can feel overwhelming. The following are some essential home hardware tools every homeowner needs to be prepared for everyday fixes.


A smooth-faced hammer with a comfortable grip is ideal for a variety of uses, such as hanging pictures and assembling furniture. A curved claw is handy for pulling out bent nails, while a straight claw works for occasional demolition.

Screwdriver Set

Light fixtures, doorknobs, switch plates, cabinets: homes are full of items requiring screws. A mixed-set of screwdrivers with a variety of flat head and Philips head sizes is an excellent investment and will be used time and time again. Magnetic heads are a helpful feature, as are comfortable no-slip rubber grips.

Set of Pliers

Tough enough to pinch and bend metal, yet flexible enough to hold tiny objects steady, pliers are necessary for getting a firm grip on just about anything. Look for a set that includes long-nose, tongue-and-groove, and side-cutting pliers.

Utility Knife

This extremely versatile tool has a multitude of uses including opening boxes, cutting through carpet, scraping paint, and shaving wood. Invest in a high-quality model with a comfortable rubber handle. Blade storage is also a convenient feature, and increases safety, since it makes changing the blade quick and easy.

All of these options are available here in Home Hardware category. With these few home hardware tools on hand, basic repairs and projects will be a breeze! When seeking a reliable hardware store, look no further than Kilimall your number one online shop.

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