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MALL> Electronics & Appliances> TVs, Audio & Video> Home Theatre Packages

A home theater is the one gadget that revolutionizes entertainment in any home. They are designed to produce a theater like experience due to the speakers and the large screen sizes that they come with. Instead of spending a lot of money in going to the theater to watch a movie, one can save and invest in a good home theater. Home theaters are generally expensive and not affordable by most Kenyans. Kilimall sells home theaters at very discounted prices making it possible for most people in Kenya to afford one. I will take you through most of the brands at Kilimall that give you the best in home theaters at Kilimall.

LG home theater

LG embraces the latest technology in its speakers which make them have an outstanding performance. LG home theater system comes with a great sound system that envelopes your room with the theater experience that you would pay for on a normal day. The speakers are designed in a way that they produce high and balanced sound. They are designed in such a way that they occupy less space but quality sound. The price is different depending on the model you choose to buy. Kilimall sells all models at an affordable and discounted price.

Hotpoint home theater

Hotpoint has a large variety of home theater systems to choose from. There are several models that are designed to give the best sound that compliments your entertainment experience. The speakers are designed differently giving you the opportunity to select the design that well fits your home. A home theater is all about transforming entertainment and Hotpoint has this covered. This brand comes with several functionalities such as the smart volume which makes it easier for the user to increase or reduce the volume. A USB port is one that will definitely work for someone who would want to listen to their favorite music directly from their flash. A home theater that provides for the virtual surround system is the most ideal for watching your favorite show or movie; Hotpoint is the brand that can do that for you at a very affordable price.

Djack home theater systems

Djack is rather a new brand in the Kenya market, but that is not to mean that it is anything less than some of the major brands. The speakers are built to fill your room with sound that is of the best quality. Djack home theater makes entertainment different with features that you get with the system. It is possible to play music directly from your flash disk which makes it cool. The system has been designed in classy ways with makes it add a sense of elegance in your home. It comes in various designs to allow the user settle for the one that would blend well with their homes.

Armco home theater system

Armco is a brand that offers authentic audio quality that is undisputed. It has invested in high-quality subwoofer that offers a full surround home theater experience which makes entertainment more fun. Armco has a unique technology that ensures that the speaker and the amplifier work in unison to produce the best sound. Although not all Armco home theaters have blue tooth compatibility, there are some which allow you to play music from any device via blue tooth. This is an amazing feature that makes Armco unique. There is so much that you get with Armco home theater, and the best part is that Kilimall offers it at an affordable price.

Tech com speakers

Tech com speakers are the ultimate sound systems that anyone would want to have for their entertainment. The sound system produces the best audio quality than most of the speakers in the same range. They can play music from an SD card meaning that you don't need to buy CDs, a flash disk or a USD card will be enough. Tech-com speakers have a classy design that brings out the entertainment theme. They actually blend perfectly with home decors.


Kilimall is home to the best sound systems and home theaters that take entertainment to a new level. The home theater packages are more affordable than what you get in other online stores. Kilimall ensures that you get your sound system delivered right to your doorstep. There are numerous brands to choose from, and they all sell at affordable prices.

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