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MALL> Electronics & Appliances> Household Appliances

Kilimall has a wide range of household appliances that make things easier and better at homes. Household appliances simplify tasks around homes and make life better. There are numerous household appliances from some of the leading brands in the world that guarantee durability and quality. Everyone needs to spend their money on household appliances that will give them service for a long time. There is no one willing to spend their money on appliances that will get damaged after a short period of time. Below are some of the leading brands with the best household appliances at Kilimall.


Armco is a known brand in Kenya as it has a wide variety of household appliances ranging from kitchen items to items that one would need in the living room. What makes a brand is not the name but the quality of their products. Armco has been tested by time and is one of the brands that make durable products. Variety is key in Armco products; that is the reason as to why you get a single product having more than one variation which comes at different prices. This ensures that you don’t miss out on anything with Armco. Armco is the maker of some of the best Fridges, Ovens, burners, water dispensers, electric kettles, blenders and so much more. In other words, Armco provides a solution to all your problems at home. The prices that you get with Armco products are pocket-friendly considering that in every product there is so much that one can select depending on the amount of money that you have.


Hotpoint household appliances are quite different from what you get with other brands. There is a wide range of appliances that have an elegant look. Hotpoint brings style and elegance to any home and to make it better, they are affordable and durable. These are the two main concerns for most Kenyans whenever they are buying any product. Let us just say that Hotpoint has so much that one can choose from for their homes. For the kitchen, there is everything from the toaster, electric kettles, microwaves, blenders, cookers and so much more. For cleaning purposes, various vacuum cleaners come in different designs. Let us just say that Hotpoint has everything that one may need for their homes. There is a product for almost every task that you may want to be handled.


Sayona is also a giant in the production of household appliances. It is a renowned maker of some of the items that anyone would need to simplify their day to day lives. Notably are the Sayona sandwich makers that are affordable and easy to handle. Sayona is unique in the products that it has such as a rechargeable lantern which not only saves on energy but is also presentable. Other products that you get with Sayona are cookers, burners, water dispensers, iron boxes and so much more. Sayona products are affordable which makes Sayona the best brand for people who might not be able to afford expensive household appliances.


LG is a household name in Kenya due to its presence in the country for many years. This is probably the common brand that most people know about. LG applies the latest technology in all appliances manufactured. It guarantees quality and durability at the same time. Their prices are slightly above what you can get with other brands, but Kilimall offers all LG products at discounted prices. LG is the leading maker of washing machines that are not only efficient but also save on energy. Fridges also happen to be the best creation of LG as this is the brand that has most advanced refrigerators in terms of technology. There are other household appliances from LG that one can settle for such as ovens, cookers, microwaves, dish washers and so much more.


Skyworth is recognized for the high tech TVs that it makes. It is worth noting that Skyworth is the best maker of fridges and washing machines. Skyworth fridges are known for the large storage space that they have. They are also able to keep food fresh and cool at the same time. That is not all; these are some of the few fridges that conserve energy. Skyworth washing machines are also designed in a way that gives them a stylish view. They not only do great laundry work but also save on energy which is a major concern to most Kenyans. The quality is great, and you are sure to use the products for a very long time.


Household appliances make life better and simple for everyone. They are the ideal products that any person should consider having as they save on the time that could have otherwise been used in accomplishing various tasks. Kilimall is home to every household appliance, and the best thing is that the prices are very friendly.

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