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How long does shipping take?

2019-01-08 13:20

Kilimall as an extraordinary online marketplace has 3 different shipping models on its platform. So shipping depends on the different models of each product. Kilimall have 3 types of products and each product has its own shipping model.

The three types are as blow:

1. Shipped by Kilimall. Goods marked with this type are stored at Kilimall local warehouse in your country. These goods will be dispatched from Kilimall local warehouse and shipping usually takes less than 1~3 workdays.

2. Shipped by Local Seller. Goods marked with this type are stored at our local sellers' warehouses located in several cities and places in your country. So shipping usually takes a bit longer, normally 3~5 workdays depends on how far is it from the warehouse to your doorstep.

3. Shipped from Overseas. Goods marked with this type are stored at our international sellers' oversea warehouses located all over the world. So if these goods ware ordered by customer, they will be dispatched from oversea warehouses and shipped across border by air or by ship. This means shipping might take much longer than other 2 models, usually 15~ 25 workdays. So please be patient for these orders. 

For delay dispatch, kindly apply for refund and cancel the order.Visit "My account" on the App, orders > click on the order number and apply for a refund. Learn more from here>>

If you are known about the above 3 shipping models, you will know that different types of goods will be delivered separately, and the shipping takes different days.

How could you know the shipping models for different goods? You could get the answer from the product page as illustrated below:

1. Shipped by Kilimall

2. Shipped by Local Seller

2. Shipped From Overseas

Shipping & Delivery

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