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How to Dress up for Valentines

2019-01-09 12:58

Valentine   is here with  us, where  everything   goes red and  the talk of  town is all about love.Whether you’re  planning a  formal  night out ,a casual date  or simply  breakfast  in  bed you need  to dress  up  but still keep things  simple and casual for a  fun and  romantic day. I know  Men are not  up  to dress up  why  not  show  some  love for the  outfit  on that   day  and  make   the lady   in your life smile.

Formal Date

If  you are  planning to have a  dinner then it is important  to dress up properly , pull  an Olivia Pope (Scandal) and Gabriel Macht (Suits) look. You need  to  look like a gentleman. You  can  choose to  do a   black tie affair  or tuxedo. 

For ladies,  it is time to put your  best foot   forward, time   to dress  as the queen that  you are  as  you  paint the  town red, dont  forget  to  accessorize  your  outfit  and especially  with  a  gift from your man. 


  • Dress  your  body   figure
  • Add  some  earrings  and necklace  for your  outfit
  • Pick   one  area  that you choose  to flaunt (either its the  top or  bottom) all about  balance

The Casual Date

I  don’t mean  you   putting  on your  lazy  Saturday  outfit  as though  you  are going to  your  local movie guy down  the  street. This outfit should be simple. As  a  man you  cannot afford to get  this wrong. Wear a   tshirt or a simple shirt  with  denim jeans remember  to put comfortable  pair of shoes. 

For the lady  you  can choose  to wear  shorts and flaunt your beautiful  legs  or even a  short dress and the  outfit  is a good choice because  of the hot weather. Its  time  for you and  partner to just relax and enjoy  each other  company. 

The  outdoor Date

I  know Valentines  falls on Tuesday  but   you  can  celebrate  love  either   the weekend  before or after Valentines. Look  for appropriate  working  outfits  avoid  branded   tshirts  you  are not a walking  billboard and why not spend   some  money  on  appropriate  athletic   wear  from Kilimall. Also  you can  choose to  visit a  tourist attraction site  that  will  get you out of the  comfort zone pick a  place  that  your partner  will  be willing  to explore. 

For  the  lady   get  something that  will be comfortable  but still   sexy. You can    wear  leggings , and  nice  top  and some  nice  sneakers   or open shoes. 

Breakfast In  Bed

If you are  the lucky  ones  who get to have  Tuesday  off   why not  have  breakfast in bed , I know rarely do you  get time  to have   breakfast  in  the  house  as  you are  always  rushing  out  to  beat the  Nairobi  traffic. I know  most  of the  time  the  concentration  is on   lingerie but  dont   overlook the pajama  those  too  can  set the mood  right  or  maybe am  just  getting old.    

Quick Tips

  • Be well   groomed  both   hair and  beard
  • Get it right  with  accessories and don’t  over do
  • Celebrate  your love  every day

Happy  Valentines  Day !

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