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How to find your most suitable African women hairstyles?

2018-12-24 11:15

What’s your new hairstyle for the coming New Year? It cannot be denied that braids is the most ideal hairstyle for American women among various of African hairstyles, because it is easy to maintain, and can keep for a long time. No matter you want to keep the braids or change a new hairstyle, this article will inspire you with other latest African hairstyles and show some ways of how to care your hair.

  • Long Braided hairstyle

Braid hair is a great way to keep hairstyle, if you do not want to change your hairstyle in salon frequently. No need to perm hair, with hair extension, you can try different braided hairstyles because they can associated with you natural hair well if your hair strength is not long enough. What’s more, the braided hairstyles can suitable for every occasion in daily and work life.

Suitable person:everyone who like braided hair if hair length is long enough, if not, you need to the hair extension.

Add extension on individual plaits could make your head feel so heavy. But it can make you feel more elegant and sharper, so why not do it for your beauty?

  • Long Straight hairstyle

Straight hair may ever be most African women’s dreamed hairstyle, as for most of them, their natural hair is curly. 

Suitable people: Who with thin and small face, as straight hair cater to face that can show your face shape easily.

Pros: easy to wash and dry; no tie; looks like younger; smooth to take care.

Cons: need to perm hair, cannot be harmonious with the new curly hair.

If you like long straight hair and do not want to perm your own hair, the wigs with long straight will be your salvation.

  • Big Wave Hair

A head of big wave hair has considered as the most common attractive hairstyles. It seems to suitable for everybody who like it. 

Suitable person: Everyone except person want to be cute.

Pros: attractive, no need to comb frequently.

Cons: hard to keep, need to take care of it.

For African Women, if you want to posses a head of big wave natural hair, it will be difficult, and need to go to salon to perm the hair. Now, there are some great wigs with long big wave hair at kilimall, let's change to a new hairstyle.

  • Short Curly Hairstyles

Hairstyles showed above all are about long hair, many African women will choose short hairstyles, they maybe easier than long hairstyles to take care – clear and clean.

Suitable person: everyone who like it

Pros: independent,  attractive, no need to comb frequently.

Cons: hard to keep, need to take care of it.

There are two choices for making short curly hairstyle, firstly, you can perm your hair, Second, you could make up with hair weave or wigs.

  • Bob hairstyles

Bob hairstyle is another  popular short hairstyle among African women.

Suitable people: people with big face

Pros: Stylish, ease to wash

Con: hard to care the style

In a word

A suitable hairstyle will be a shinning for your whole dressing. The versatile hairstyle make you be more confident subconsciously. The first glance of one person will be their face, in other way, a great suitable hairstyle will make your dressing be more attractive.

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