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Prepare Easter 2019 For Your Family

2019-04-11 06:03

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So the Easter also stands for hope and rebirth. Approaching to Easter, you can feel it at every corner of street. Some families and community are preparing for some activities on that day. And now anyone from teenage to adult will celebrate this festival. On that day, every child are exited for the activities, such as hunt egg.

When is Easter Day in 2019?

There is no specific day of Easter, according to the Christmas traditions in Western countries. The Easter is the first Sunday after the spring equinox, so this day is between 22ed April to 25th, May.

Main Easter Activities

  • 1. Easter Egg Roll
  • Easter egg roll is the most important and popular activity during Easter. Every year, American president and his wife usually invite some children to take part in Easter egg roll activity at White House.

  • 2. Egg Hunt
  • A week ago of Easter, many egg hunt activities will be held at parks, schools, districts, and churches. Parents, teachers or elder will hide eggs ahead, kids who find the most eggs is the luckiest one.

  • 3. Receive gifts
  • On Easter, parents and teacher needs to prepare some small gifts, the candy is most popular gift on that day. On that day, every child will hold a candy bags to put gifts, candy and eggs.

  • 4. Wear new clothes
  • Before go out, parents will dress up their children. And some parent will dress up their kids looks like rabbit.

  • 5. Decorate Home
  • After come back from Easter activities, the home full for Easter decorations, such as Easter led, DIY Easter eggs, Easter flag.


    In Conclusion

    Even celebrate the resurrection of Jesus is not the only meaning behind Easter. Parents and teachers hope children can enjoy the hope of spring. Go out to celebrate your Easter. Know more about Kilimall Easter sale 2019>>

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