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If you are struggling with hair selection, you can have a look.

Some people are unhappy with their hair, or maybe they just want to change their appearances. Unfortunately, many of the products available to lighten hair contain harsh chemicals that cause damage to hair. Powdered natural hair with supplemental hairpieces became essential.

At present, there are three kinds of hair materials in the market. The price range from low to high is synthetic fiber, synthetic fiber with real human hair mixed , real human hair.

1、Synthetic Fiber

In  the early days, the hair were mainly not realistic. So it was used to cosplay, or a fun play, but  it's a fake, and easy to see. But with the progress of technology, Now the synthetic fiber has also evolved into the kanekalon, high retardant fiber, high temperature fiber,and so on. At present the synthetic hair can appear uncannily lifelike.
  • Advantage: Cheap, Various color, Finalize the design long
  • Defect: Easy to tangle, Hard to care, Hair life time short, Bad breathable,  

2、Synthetic Fiber with Real Human Hair Mixed

For example, 80% human hair+20% synthetic fiber, This kind of price is moderate, the effect is realistic。But it tends to be static, and when combing using a anti-static steel is a good choose. and because it cannot resist high temperature except high temperature fiber, it's best to wash it with warm water or cold water, and after washing, don't blow with a hair dryer, dry it naturally in the shade. When using, it is best not to use sticky liquids (wax-hair gel, mousse, etc.) , if there is a slight tangle , use warm water and shampoo carefully.
  • Advantage: Moderate cost , It can be used as a daily use
  • Defect: Easy to tangle, easy to sheding, hair styling and permeability generally

3、Human Hair

Human hair is the most expensive, but it looks very natural, Its breathability and hygroscopic properties are superior to other two kind.
  • Advantage: Long use time ,No shedding, Tangle Free, good breathable, can be breached, dyed, and permed
  • Defect: expensive

Conclusion:  If you are now still struggling with hair selection, I suggest using all three of them and make a comparison ,based on economic conditions and actual needs, buy it.


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