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Outdoor insects repellents

Going for a hike or a camp? You have probably packed all that you need in your backpack and counterchecked against your pack list to ensure that everything is in the bag. One thing that most people forget is that while outdoors insects and pests will be on them if they don’t have anything to protect them. Kilimall comes in play to give you the best insect repellant solutions. We have a wide range of repellents that come in different forms. We have a wide range of repellents that come in different forms. You get to choose one which works for you. All the repellants that you get are approved in the country and you can be sure of getting the best repellant that is legitimate.

Skin applied insect repellents

Skin applied repellents are those that are directly applied to the skin. They are safe to use for people without a skin sensitivity history. Individuals with sensitive skin may have to seek professional advice from their doctors before trying out a new product on their skin. We have different types of skin-applied repellents that are safe for both adults and children above the age of five. The good thing with this kind of repellent is the fact that once you apply it on your body, you don’t have to keep chasing away insects with your hands as there will be no single insect that will try to attack you.

Aerosols insect repellents

Aerosol insect repellents are the most common types that most of us know of. Your tent may be infested with insects or other pests that may bother you at night. you can use an aerosol insect repellent to kill the pests and to keep others from getting in your tent. The best thing with this type of repellent is that it can be used on a larger area, unlike a skin-applied repellent that only works for an individual, an aerosol will protect all the people around the place where it has been applied.

Wipes insect repellents

Wipes are easy to carry around and they are not bulky. A single wipe can protect you from some of the most harmful insects such as the mosquitoes. Most of the wipes that you get are skin friendly and in most cases, the skin does not react to them. They are important and one can easily carry them even in a small bag and use when the need arises. The wipes are packaged in smaller packs and one can get one for every family member.

Bite and sting relief wipes

These are special types of wipes that one can use in the case where they have been stung by a bee or any other insect. It is not always that you are ready for such an event but as we know, accidents are likely to happen while outdoors and the best thing is to have a safety measure when it happens. The sting relief wipes work very fast relieving you of any pain that may have been caused by the sting.


Anything can happen while outdoors as we don’t have control of what we get there. Prevention is always better than cure and you can rest assured that with the products that you get at Kilimall you are protected from all the dangers that you may face in the wild. Make your order today and get it delivered right to your doorstep and get ready for an insect free camping or hiking activity.

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