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Live like a Star: Transform your house with RoomMate Decal

2018-08-14 05:57

The Holidays are here and if you have not made any plans yet, why not spend the time to spruce up your house. This is something most of us keep pushing away so if you still don't have plans this will be a good one. The reason I'm inspired to do this is that we have a new neighbour and that is the most beautiful ( I know)  house I have been too in a long time so basically, this was more of a challenge to me. I know most of us are familiar with wallpapers and maybe you have visited a relative who had used wallpaper. But back in the days, and if you grew up especially in the village old newspapers were the preferred wallpaper indeed we have come from far. For a wallpaper,  it basically covers the entire wall while the wall decal covers only the design area and the rest is your actual wall so that it means you can choose what works best for you. At Kilimall you can find RoomMates wall decals which are cool to use as they are reusable and their long-lasting adhesive means they can be removed and re-applied over and over again. Use of decals is a pretty creative way far from the normal painting in the house and every room can have a decal that represents the different personality. Decal is removable and reusable - peel and stick wall decals that stick to any smooth surface and remove safely without damaging your walls. 



See that branch there? That is decal! The best part is you can get the RoomMate decals at Kilimall and at very affordable price ranging from  Ksh 5000 to Ksh 2,000 depending on the size Some of the cool places you can choose to have decals in your house include.

  1. Doors

This will be a great theme for the room, whether it's a teenager room, kids room, master room, study room or the living room. As you put the decals be careful of the partitions and ensure its seamless. 

 2. Glass 

Decal Kilimall

ksh 2,500 The glass brings in its own unique style when it comes to decals. The transparency of the material coupled with the stickers give it a  unique highlight and easy on the eye. Ensure it does not cover the whole glass to allow some light to pass as it provides a distinct style to the design.       

 3. Wardrobes

Decal Kilimall

ksh 2,800 The wardrobe can be a good surface for wall decals. You can pick designs with individual elements as they can occupy the entire area.  If you got to watching the movie Frozen then this can work well.         

 4. Mirrors 

Mirror Decal Kilimall

Ksh 3,600 When it comes to using decals on your mirror then time to show off all creativity. If you have big mirrors, you can use the borders to give it the essence of the room. Mirrors can help to reflect the light that is already available and make the room seem bigger. Also,  you can use them around your dressing table.      

 5. Kitchen and Dining 

Kitchen Decal Kilimall

Ksh 1,850 If you are like me and you spend most of the time in the kitchen why not use the wall decal to make it look good as you have different varieties to choose from. Also if you have an open plan kitchen this will really look good.         The best part of the wall decals its DIY and so you won't spend an extra coin on that.

Get the best decal in town and live like the star you are!

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