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MALL> Clothes> Men's Clothes> Suits & Blazers

Blazers have been part of men's closets for the longest time and that has not changed in the 21st century. They happen to be the piece of outfit that you will never lack in the wardrobes of most men irrespective of their ages. They seems to have an audience from the young to the old with the only difference being the designs that people from different ages may choose to settle with. Blazers are seen as an outfit that make a man stand out from the crowd and boosts the confidence of men. The key factor that should be taken into consideration with blazers is the size and the design which in most will represent the personality of an individual.

Blazers happen to be the attires that kicks out the boredom on any day by adding some spice into the trouser that a man may be wearing. A blazer looks more presentable when worn with jeans as compared to someone wearing jeans and a hood. Mixing jeans and a good blazer brings out a more serious yet presentable look that may be perfect for casual Friday.

Kilimall give men blazers that come in neutral colors which happen to be the favorite of most men. Men who are not afraid of trying out something new may as well consider going for more colorful blazers that brings on the fun side of an individual. A blazer is not only supposed to bring out a serious look in an individual and it becomes better when it has been worn with a mixture of colors that add some fun to life. Kilimall comes with various blazers that come in different colors with some coming with a colorful design which adds some fun to life while lighting up any cold day.

Blazers are not restricted to age and can as such be worn by men of different ages and they will always get the best from the look that follows. Older men who are still in touch with fashion will often find the blazers to be a good fashion get away that make them look younger without attracting too much attention to themselves. Younger men can also wear the blazers which gives them a look that is full of independence.

A blazer should in most cases bring out the shape of a man. Kilimall has blazers that give people the perfect fitting blazers that will look good on any man who wears one. Long gone are the days when putting over size blazers used to be trendy in Kenya. Most of the blazers that one get are fitting which is the perfect fit size for these clothes.


Blazers are clothes that can be worn to bring out the best look in a man. A blazer is not only limited to official events but come in handy on social events. Men who wear fitting blazers exhibit a high confidence as they are aware that they receive some attention from their counterparts. Kilimall has a wide range of blazers that one can choose from with most having different colors that work well with people that love bright colored blazers.

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