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Home of Sports at Kilimall

Name it and we’ve got it, whatever it is that you may want for your sports requirement be sure to get it at Kilimall. Most people wish that they could have everything that they want for all their sports need at an affordable price. This has proved to be quite challenging as the sports houses in Kenya sell their products at a rather expensive price and people living outside Nairobi are not as lucky. We have all that you want for any sport or any game and the deliveries are done to every part of the country. Some of the things that you expect to get at Kilimall include;

Sports protective gear

Depending on the sport one is involved in, there are various risks involved depending on a specific activity. We offer a wide range of accepted protective gear to protect you from injuries that may occur while on the field. Sports such as Rugby at times gets physical and players may need protective clothing to reduce injuries that may be sustained. Some of the of the protective equipment that you get at Kilimall include protective eyewear, mouth guards for those involved with boxing, protective straps and pads and so much more. They mainly protect sportsmen from injuries that may be dangerous.


Skaters appreciate having a pair of high-quality skates from some of the leading brands in the world. We offer various rollerblade skates that come in different colors and sizes at affordable prices. The skates that you get are durable and serve the user for a very long time leaving no room for disappointments. The wheels that you get on the skates are made to ensure that the skater gets the best experience as far as skating is concerned.


Cyclers have different tastes when it comes to bicycles. We have numerous bicycles that ensure that every cycler gets what they love as far as speed and the design are concerned. Cycling is a sport that is growing in the country and a lot of people are developing an interest in the game. The main challenge is getting the right bicycle for the sport. As we know, most of them are quite expensive and Kilimall makes it easier for people by selling their bikes at discounted prices. Cycling jerseys are also among some of the products that you get, they come in different sizes and design at a pocket-friendly price. The jerseys are unique from what you expect to get in most of the sports shop in Kenya.


There is something for individuals who may want to engage in all sports activities. This is because we ensure that every sports need is met by giving high quality and durable sports gear. Make an order today to get the item of your choice delivered right to your doorstep.

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