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Buy outdoor Hiking Gear at an affordable price

Kilimall caters for every outdoor activity that you may want to undertake by providing the best hiking equipment at affordable prices. We equip you with the latest and most resourceful outdoor gear that covers a wide range of tools that can be used for different purposes depending on activities that you wish to undertake. All our products have been tested and proven to be efficient and you can thus expect to get products that will give you the best services. The following are some of the things that you expect to get while shopping with us.

Camping bags

We offer a wide range of camping bags that come in various sizes and have sufficient storage space for most of the products that you may need while camping or hiking. You get to choose a different bag size depending on the number of days that you intend to engage in an outdoor activity. What the bags promise to give you is comfort as most of the bags are padded which evenly distributes the weight to the whole body. The bags have various compartments that are ideal for storing most of your supply including large volumes of water. In case you are going for a one day hike or a three-day camp, you are sure that you will not run low on supply.

Sleeping gear

If you are having a one day hike, you might not need to bear the burden of carrying a sleeping bag or a tent. A hike will require that you have all those items on you so as not to suffer the cold chills of the night. We offer a large variety of sleeping gear that you can choose from and they all promise warmth and comfort at night. some of the sleeping gear that you get include portable tents, these tents can easily be folded and set up once you want to use them. They are large in size and can fit up to two adults. Sleeping bags are also some of the products that we offer and the good thing about sleeping bags is that they are portable and warm. They provide an ideal sleeping place for an individual while on an outdoor venture. An inflatable mattress is a new product in the country which can exclusively be found at Kilimall. These mattresses are inflatable and can thus be folded up during the day making them easy to carry around.

Water bottles

Water is life and it is hard for anyone to go for three days without water. We offer high capacity water bottles that are designed to retain water without any leakage. This means that you don’t have to worry about water spilling on all the other items that you may be having in your bag. The water bottles come in different capacities and you can thus settle for one that can supply you with enough water while outdoors.

Survival tools

While outdoors, you not only need items that will help you with your basic needs. It is important that you grab some survival tools that help you outlast a hike or a camp. Some of the things that you can use while outdoors include, a survival knife, this is important as you may want to cut some things with a sharp object. We have a wide range of knives that serve different purposes. We also have large stocks of lighting, some of the lights that you get use batteries while others use solar energy. The solar energy ones are the best option for someone taking more days outdoors. You may also need a compass and a watch to help in giving time and direction. We have watches that also serve as compasses. Binoculars are also an important consideration for an adventurer.

We offer a wide range of the survival items for your outdoor needs. All the tools that you get come at affordable prices and the deliveries are done right on your doorstep.

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