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Phablets at Kilimall Kenya

The term phablet is used to describe a gadget that is neither a tablet nor a smartphone. The maximum size of a smartphone should be 5.0 inches; any gadget that exceeds that size is referred to as a phablet. Most phablets range at 5.5 inches and it is surprising to realize that most Kenyans refer to their phablets as smartphones. A phablet has its share of glory as it is a gadget that is large enough to enable you to watch all your favorite movies and gaming is better than with a normal smartphone. Kilimall Kenya has a wide range of phablets that come at affordable prices; let us go through some of the phablets that you get at Kilimall, their price range and what they have to offer.

Lenovo phablets

Lenovo is a household name and a brand that is well known in Kenya. Kilimall has a wide variety of Lenovo phablets such as Yoga, Lenovo A916, Lenovo K5 and much more. You can get one with less than Ksh 10, 000 which is a fair deal for a well-known brand such as Lenovo. The performance of the phablets is really great such that you get a phablet which can perform all tasks ranging from office work, personal work and so much more. It is the ideal phablets for anyone looking for uncompromised quality.

Tecno phablets

Tecno has been focusing its energy on making phablets in the last few years. Kenyans are increasingly appreciating phablets because the size is appropriate for most of the activities that they may want to undertake. There is a wide range of Tecno phablets in Kenya and all of them have specs that can compete with what you get in high-end phones. This is what makes Tecno the best option for anyone looking for a Tecno phablet. Kilimall has a wide range of Tecno phablets that are sold at affordable prices.

Xiaomi phablets

Xiaomi is a brand that most people have interacted with. It is a brand that is well known for the production of affordable smartphones. The case is the same when it comes to phablets; Xiaomi is the maker of budget phablets whose specs are great. You will be surprised to know that Xiaomi makes great phablets that can out do some of the known brands that we have in Kenya. The performance is quite commendable as you get phablets that come with speed and efficiency. With less that Ksh 15, 000, you can easily get yourself one for your day to day work.

Cubot phablets

Cubot is a brand that made an entry into the Kenyan market a year ago and it has received a commendable response from people. Most Cubot phones are above 5.5 inches which automatically makes them phablets. One notable feature with Cubot is that they come with large capacity batteries which are capable of giving you over a whole day’s usage without necessarily recharging them. Kilimall has all the Cubot models that you may want and they are all sold at discounted prices.

Viwa phablets

Viwa is a brand that is slowly taking over the Kenyan market and will soon be a house hold name. One of the things that is outstanding with Viwa phablets is the design. It comes with a sleek and elegant design that makes it look like a high-end device. The design is not the only aspect that makes this phone stands out, the performance is efficient and the phone will rarely lag giving the user the best of what a phablet can offer. Check out the Kilimall website for more Viwa phablets.

Oukitel phablets

Oukitel is a phablet that answers all your energy problems. This is a brand that has models which come with large battery capacities. A case in point is Oukitel K6000 which comes with a 6000mAh battery capacity. Such a battery capacity is large enough to keep the phone going for over two days. With this brand, you have the freedom to use the phablet in gaming activities, watching movies, reading documents and so much more. This is the ideal brand for people who don’t want to keep on charging their phones.

Huawei phablet

Huawei is a brand well known for what it offers having been in the market for a very long time. Huawei phablets are known for the camera prowess that they come with as well as their fast performance. We all need a phablet that will offer everything that we want on the same platform; Huawei is the brand that makes that possible. It also happens to be one of the most expensive brands in Kenya but Kilimall offers Huawei phablets at affordable prices.


Kilimall is the home of all amazing phablets in Kenya, quality is a guarantee and that will never be compromised. Check out the website for some of the amazing deals.

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