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Rock her Valentines: Best Gift Ideas for your Lady

2019-01-18 11:01

Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be heart-shaped, fluffy, cuddly or edible for your girl to be wowed by your gesture—practical things can also be very romantic if done right. A great way to organise a present for your lady this Valentine's is to give her some things that she needs and uses all the time. Practicality over form beats any other gifts.

A Dress

Hands up if you love seeing your lady in dresses! Me too.


are sexy, they are feminine, they show off the right curves... and most women love them. Yes, it requires a keen fashion sense and a more detailed knowledge of your partner's personal style and preferences but is that hard? If you get her a dress, actually, it lets her know that you know her well. That, right there, brother, is an impression of love. If you are in doubt about colours, just get her the

LBD (little black dress)

. Most women will be perfectly satisfied with a simple, yet elegant black dress. You’ll need to know your girl's size and what type of clothes fit her best, so you can use some of her other dresses as a reference point or take her shopping for a few small things beforehand and have her try out some dresses.


A timeless classic, a piece of


is probably the most popular gift. Any lady will cringe with excitement as you hinge a neckpiece at the back of her neck, or give her a


, even if it's not a proposal. Or


.  Some women can feel that opting for jewellery is kind of like saying you didn't think much about it because jewellery is common, but, make it personal!  Choose a particular style she likes, certain shapes, specific gemstones, engraving it and so on. A lucky charm bracelet with figurines that have some meaning for her—e.g. her favourite animal, zodiac sign, musical instrument and various symbols—is a good example of creating a very personal item. 

Pop a jewelry box for her

Give your Love a Scent


is such a personal area of beauty and that’s especially when you’re choosing a scent for Valentine’s Day. If you’ve ever had a fragrance flashback, good or bad, you’ll know just how powerfully we link scents with people and places (and all the emotions that go with them). For the ultimate sensory experience, you can create a brand new aroma specifically for your darling, using a distinct scent. 

Get a scent

*whispers* Lingerie!

Here is one that will make sure your Valentine's Day (or night!) is extra special... lingerie! Most women are very turned on by the fact that they can make their partner go crazy over them and they enjoy showing their erotic side. For all those sexy ladies out there who aren’t afraid to show off their wild side, some sexy lingerie is a very good Valentine’s Day gift. Don’t be afraid to spoil your girl a little during this romantic holiday, make it all about her and give her the present in the evening when you are starting to relax. It shows you’ve paid attention to her by knowing what she’d look good in beneath her clothes, and nothing beats wearing next to nothing for your love life, let’s be real here.

You could buy lingerie on Kilimall and have it delivered to her directly

. Imagine the surprise! ;) 

Spice it up with lingerie

Play with her hobbies

Show her that you care about the things she enjoys doing by picking out a nice little present related to her hobby. Depending on what your significant other likes to do in her spare time, you can have a lot of opportunities to be caring and practical at the same time. If she likes to run, then she will surely appreciate a

good pair of running shoes

, if she likes to cook,



knife sets

would make a good gift, if she loves reading, get her

a book

, and so on.

Girls love Gadgets, too

Gone are the days when gadgets were a guy thing - in this day and age, everyone has a craving for the latest gadgets. Think about buying her a pair of stylish, high-quality


, a cool




, a


, a


, or any other interesting new gizmo that she might enjoy using. 

Get her a gadget

Those Lady Beauty Things

Women love their


, they love their




and combs.  With beauty products, you can be sure that every woman who likes to wear makeup always needs more, and consequently your present will be well-received. Eyeliners, lipsticks, eye shadows, sets of brushes, exfoliating creams and similar products are a pretty safe bet—you can take a look at the products she uses to give you an idea of what to buy and you can’t really go wrong. 

Spruce her up

Remember, don't break the bank for Valentine's, get the best gifts for yiur lady with thekleast prices on Kilimall at crazy discounts and enjoy free delivery.

Save Money Tips

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