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Rugby ball buying guide

Rugby is probably one of the most violent games on the planet; however, this does not make it unpopular among people. As a matter of fact, Rugby is a game that raises interest among people from all ages probably due to the twists and energy that the game comes with. As a game, Rugby is played by all people at different levels from professionals, high school kids and among peers for fun. All these individuals will need a good rugby ball to make the experience exceptional.

Rugby balls are different from the common balls that are known to be round in shape, they come in an oval shape that resembles an egg-like shape. Kilimall offers Rugby balls from major brands that are known to make the best as far as rugby as a sport is concerned. Rugby is played by different categories of people and each category uses a different ball size while playing. It is thus important that you get a ball that is ideal for the age group that will be involved in the game. Some of the categories that you get are as follows;

 Size three- this ball is ideal for rugby players under 9, this category involves aspiring rugby players who are mainly in junior school

 Size four – This rugby ball is perfect for junior rugby players aged fourteen years. This means that the age group for this ball is between 10 and 14 years.

 Size 4.5 – This ball is made for female rugby players, it is a little bit smaller than what men get to play with. Women under 15 up to senior rugby players use this size for their games.

 Size 5 – size five is the full sized rugby for individuals under 15 or even above into senior rugby. Kilimall has all these balls under one roof and every player irrespective of their age group can get a ball of their choice. The balls happen to be durable and can thus be used for a longer period of time than what one is likely to get in most of the stores in Kenya.


There is no harm in making Rugby a leisure game that you can always play with friends over the weekend. Sports bring people together and add joy to life and Kilimall ensures that you don’t miss out on your favorite sport by giving you balls that are of the best quality and from the best makers in the world to make rugby the perfect game for you

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