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Shopping for Newborn Babies Made Easy

2018-08-14 05:57

I remember the first time I had to buy baby products I was so confused since there is so much out there yet not all will be suitable for them. It took me more than two weeks to find the perfect gift as I  needed her to feel special and am sure she does every time she wears it.Though with time  I have grown and I have a better understanding of baby products. Here are a  few tips to help you out.

Baby Clothes

Usually sized by age,  though to be on the safe side look for the weight or height to help you find the ones that fit the baby well. Ensure you have as many clothes since babies grow at incrChoose materials that are  comfortable for the baby to move around and also can withstand frequent washings. If the outfits include one piece outfit which will be appropriate for sleeping and playing, shirts ensure there is plenty of room in the neck so it's easy to wear, diaper and pants that fit easily odiaper and expands as the baby gains weight.   

Hats and mittens

With this, hot sun the hat limits excess body heat loss since babies are sensitive and the hat keeps them cosy and in the evening, helps to keep the cold away. The mittens help the baby from scratching themselves and also helps them to avoid eating their fingers which may have picked some germs.

Socks or booties

When growing up during our free time we would knit booties for our dolls. If you are lucky to remember you can do that for the baby or buy from Kilimall since you'll  need lots of socks and booties to wear indoors and outdoors to keep the cold away.


I know when it comes to time for babies to sleep it's one of the scary moments, as you just want to spend more time with them or you are not sure just in case something will happen. As you shop for pyjamas you need to keep three things in mind: Safety, comfortable and easy to change and especially for the late nights since you are still sleepy. Avoid any decorative items, strings or ribbons on the pyjama.   


This is a must have for any kid and it helps in keeping the cold away, you can choose different colours.

 Feeding Bottle

Whether you are unable to breastfeed or opted against breastfeeding, bottle feeding is healthy or baby has a  formula that they need to take. You can get a variety feeding bottles on the site.  

Baby Bibs

At no point do you want the baby to be all messy when they are  having their meal making you have to change their clothes now and then, so why not get bibs to help with that?With this, you can have as many as you can to avoid you washing constantly. 

Baby Carrier

This you will not need to use immediately the infant is born, but you can it between the age 3-12 months as you do different errands. It has durable material so no need to worry while using it. 

Diaper Bag

When its mommy and baby day out have the diaper bag which enables you to carry everything you need from diapers, towels, change of clothes without being messy. 

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