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Samsung smartphones are widely known and accepted in Kenya for many years now. They are also the most popular mobile phones in the world with many sheer numbers in the world. In the Kenyan smartphone industry, only two companies perform well, Samsung and Apple. However, Apple serves only a section of the elite Kenyans due to the price confidence that it comes with it. Many Kenyans wonder how Samsung has been able to retain its position as one of the most trusted brands in the world; the secret cannot be easily determined. For decades now, Samsung has learned the art of smart strategies to deliver good quality and reliable products.

Kilimall has been one of its supplier selling high-end Samsung mobile phones in Kenya at affordable prices. If there is one brand that has less or no after-sale complaints, it's Samsung. It is very rare to get a customer ordering a certain Samsung model without knowing about it. Samsung always makes proper marketing of every new phone before shipping it to respective countries. Kilimall on the other hand usually holds pre-order campaigns to make sure customers gets their model choice on time. One good thing about Kilimall, it offers cheap Samsung mobile phones that are stylish, sleek and fit for every day’s use. This brand is known to come up with excellent features and quality that you cannot resist. Below are some of the Samsung models sold exclusively at Kilimall?

Samsung Galaxy J7
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
Samsung Galaxy I9300 S III
Samsung Galaxy J3
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
Samsung Galaxy J5
Samsung Galaxy J1
• Samsung Galaxy A5

Affordable Connectivity:

Among all the Samsung models, no model denies users to connect via popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Kilimall boasts of selling brands that have no limitations when it comes to the connectivity. There are many cases of hook-ups happening through these sites from college kids to prominent businessmen in Kenya. You will be surprised to learn that what other devices offer as premium services, Samsung is already offering at a beginner level. When you buy a Samsung mobile phone at Kilimall, you are guaranteed of quality with all features ranging from music, the internet and of course the HD camera.

Samsung is Quality:

As I said before, Kilimall deals with quality, not just the specifications, and services that come with a phone on our site; quality is a necessity. Shopping at Kilimall guarantees you quality Samsung cell phones that first passes through quality search before selling on our site. Samsung smartphones are made from high-quality materials that are capable of bearing the daily wear and tear experience. Another thing that we assure our customers is the quality of the accessories that comes along with the phone, we also make sure that you won’t need a replacement whatsoever.


Ever seen a dull Samsung phone? Never! Samsung pride itself with eye-catching and exiting smartphone designs. It’s because of this that Kilimall will continue selling this brand without fear or low self-esteem. Samsung designers learned a new thing with their consumers a reason that will never leave them disappointed. Remember that a Samsung phone is a phone that every customer out there can buy at a reduced price here at Kilimall.

Why should you buy a Samsung mobile phone from Kilimall?

Each month and each week, hundreds of Kenyans joins the majority and decides to experience the joy of shopping at Kilimall. There are many benefits that customers enjoy every time they buy Samsung mobile phones from Kilimall. You are welcomed to read why Kenyan s prefer buying Samsung smartphones from Kilimall rather than any other shop out there.

Kilimall’s Samsung cell phones are affordable:

The reason many Kenyans choose to buy Samsung mobile phones, it’s because they are price friendly. But you will be surprised to learn that every shop out there has unreasonable Samsung phone prices that are very dishonest. When buying Samsung mobile phones from Kilimall, you will notice that there are some tools to help you compare prices from our different shops but under one roof. For example, you can type down your budget phone, and all Samsung smartphones ranging from that bracket will appear. Additionally, you may land a shop that is holding a certain campaign with some discounts under their cell phones. The huge discounts will let you shop big but at a reduced price.

Kilimall’s Samsung mobile phones have a large selection:

Ever visited a store or any other online shop but only found a few selected pieces of Samsung phones? Well, many of these shops always have a limited number of mobile phones. In contrast, Kilimall offers access to some Samsung phone models that leaves you spoilt for choice. Every Samsung model ever produced is selling on Kilimall’s website, and it’s upon you the customer to weigh and pick the one that best suits your pocket. Also, you have the freedom to review and compare 2 or 3 phones just to make sure you get what your heart desires. What are you waiting for? Place your order now!

Buying a Samsung mobile phone at Kilimall is easy:

There is no moment that you will try logging in to our website and find us absent. Never! Even in the middle of the night, you are allowed to order your Samsung phone online. Also, note that we have all the filters you may need from the model to the price range, everything just to make sure you get the best from us. The majority of sites will only give you the brand, and that’s all.

Many benefits cannot go unnoticed like the easy online payment without having to withdraw then make the deposits. Shopping at Kilimall is the best decision you can make at this point in time. The bottom-line is cheap and quality Samsung mobile phones.

Kilimall gives you a better decision:

Unlike other online stores out there, Kilimall will never confuse a customer when buying any Samsung smartphone. We always beseech our consumers always to leave a review whenever they buy a Samsung mobile phone at our site. This is to help other new customers to get first-hand reviews from them after using it. Before you click “BUY NOW” grab an opportunity and read all reviews then settle on one decision. This will help you make a choice that you will never regret later.

Accurate Information:

Information is power! Kilimall first informs you before you place an order. I understand that as a customer, you have already learned one or two things about some features available in a certain Samsung phone. However, that is not enough. There is more than meets the eye than just specifications, and you need to know why you will consider a certain feature and shun another. Kilimall is not like any other site out there; we give you all the information you may need to help you make a right decision.

Why Samsung?

Why Samsung? And not another brand, well let me tell you why:

Samsung Design – The reason why Kenyans consider Samsung smartphones over other brands, it’s because Samsung knew from the beginning that smart devices sells more. When you look at Samsung Galaxy S III, you will notice that it is extremely thin, and the display is large. Samsung knows what it does and hence the big sales.

The Big Fun Base – For you to look cool, you have to have a Samsung smartphone. Some Samsung models match the giant manufacturer Apple. They are sleek, and the features are breathtaking. The market is just desperate of Samsung.

Large Displays – Taking about size, Samsung realized this gap before anyone else. They started with 3.5 Inches and now 5.5 Inches with Galaxy Tab packed with 10.1 Inch screen. Consumers can hardly ask for more.

Samsung Value – If there is a company that gives real value for its products, call it Samsung. With as little as 10, 000 Shs, Kilimall will sell you an original Samsung mobile phone. This is a smartphone that almost matches an Apple phone! What you get from Samsung is more than what you pull from your pocket. It is an amazing mobile phone that you cannot live without.

Right Choices

Kilimall has done the work; Samsung has connected, played, and entertained every single customer that has happened to own one of its models. Remember that buying Samsung mobile phone on Kilimall is the easiest and effective way that guarantees quality and security for your money. Ours is about innovations and through selling Samsung mobile phones, this company will continue being the giant in global smartphone market. The benefits of buying smartphones at Kilimall are uncountable; we always have something for everyone all the time. Seeing our customers happy is our greatest achievement here at Kilimall.

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